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P. B. Power

Philip Bennett Power was born in Ireland in 1822. He graduated at Trinity College, Dublin, and entered the Church of England ministry about 1846, his first charge being at Leicester, where he remained for some two years, during which he began a week-night service in the parlour of a local pub! From Leicester he moved to Holloway, London for a further two years, followed by seven years at Woburn Chapel.

But he is best remembered as vicar of Christ Church, Worthing, from 1855-65, after which his health seems to have broken down entirely and he was confined to the life of an invalid. He settled in Eastbourne, where he died in December 1899.

Probably Power will be chiefly remembered for three small books, A Book of Comfort for those in Sickness, The ‘I Wills’ of Christ, and The ‘I Wills’ of the Psalms, written during his days at Worthing, and all republished by the Trust.