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Have you Forgotten?

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Date April 22, 2014

In the upcoming weeks, the Banner is partnering with a number of retail stores to promote a selection of excellent titles that you have potentially forgotten all about. Some of these titles might seem new to you, or perhaps you have read one or two before. Either way, we believe all ten of the following books can be of great use to you as they point you to Christ and challenge you to live a more robustly God-centered life.

The Banner has reached out to number of respected pastors and asked them to share how these titles have affected their own Christian lives. Below is a selection of those reflections, which we hope will show you the value in these potentially forgotten titles. After you have read through the reflections, please note that you can take advantage of special prices on these ten titles from the following three online Christian bookstores:


John MacArthur: Servant of the Word and Flock, by Iain Murray

Thabiti Anyabwile , ‘I heartily commend this book. Add it to your summer reading or your list of biographies worth enjoying.’
Carl Trueman , ‘John MacArthur is that increasingly rare phenomenon: the pastor of a large church who does not appear to care particularly about what the wider world thinks of him. …This book by Iain Murray is a fine tribute to the man, giving the reader some idea of what it means to be an undershepherd who strives to remain faithful to his LORD over many years of ministry. This is a great little book for pastors and aspiring pastors, and will be read with great profit by any who pick it up.’
Tim Challies , ‘Speaking personally, I can attest that I enjoyed this book thoroughly…’
Mack Tomlinson , ‘I heartily recommend the reading of this book to any Christian. It would be a good gift for any young man called to the ministry or for any pastor.’

Jesus Himself: The Story of the Resurrection, by Marcus Loane

Jeremy Walker , ‘The believer’s faith, love and hope would all be well-served by prayerful and meditative reading of this little volume. Unbelievers willing to read a book of this order would find themselves often face to face with Christ, and the enticing challenge of his person and work. In essence, it is full of the gospel, and the aroma of Jesus rises from it sweetly. To have your eyes turned to and fixed upon him, you could do much worse than to purchase and peruse this volume.’
Maurice Roberts , ‘This is a choice little book, well suited to readers of every sort. It moved this reviewer several times to pause in the enjoyment of emotions which are out of this world.’

Letters of Thomas Chalmers

Ian Hamilton , ‘Chalmers’ Letters give us a fascinating insight into the turbulent decades preceding the 1843 Disruption and a no less fascinating insight into the mind and heart of a giant in Christ’s church. This selection of letters ‘breathes the warmth of Chalmers’ devotion to Christ and reveal his true soul’. He being dead yet speaks.’
Michael Haykin , ‘There is rich Scriptural precedent for observing that God has used letter-writing to edify his people and win the lost. These letters of the Presbyterian theologian Thomas Chalmers well illustrate the former. They also reveal, however, the spirituality of one of the greatest Scottish evangelicals of the nineteenth century, and document a period of rich revival through the eyes of one who played an extraordinary role in it.’

An A-Z of Christian Truth and Experience, by J. Graham Miller

Referring to the contents of this little book, Iain Murray says in his introduction, they give ‘a wonderful overview of the Christian faith to ponder and reflect on. I have found the contents humbling and inspiring.’
Jeremy Walker , ‘The patient collection of spiritual gold dust over lifetime of careful study makes this accumulation of truth a real and substantial treasury of spiritual wisdom. It is a book to prompt thoughtful and prayerful devotion, perhaps especially helpful for those who want something to stir their prayers or prompt fellowship, or for preachers looking to spice their sermons with appropriate quotations.’
Rev. Kyle Paisley , ‘Among these many “flakes of shining gold” is the following concerning salvation. “There is nothing necessary for salvation which faith finds not in Christ” (John Calvin). … Every Christian home should have a source of reference like this. An excellent buy.’

While the Bridegroom Tarries, by R.B. Kuiper

Geoff Thomas , ‘While the Bridegroom Tarries is a book of sermons by one of the clearest and interesting of preachers in the USA in the 20th century, R.B. Kuiper was the professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Seminary in the years before his retirement. This is a collection of sermons which he preached after the First World War when eschatological speculation about the return of Christ was rampant. What does the Bible teach about the end times and how is it related to Christians today? This is such a good place to begin.’
Walter J Chantry , ‘Many Christians today are troubled by rapid changes occurring through international affairs and their own nations’ political transformation. In Kuiper’s day as in ours Christians were finding it difficult to assess disturbing news (or signs) of their times. R.B. Kuiper preached a series of sermons published in 1919, the year the ‘First World War’ ended. Banner of Truth has republished these important sermons under the title While the Bridegroom Tarries. Dr. Kuiper’s aim is to lead Christians to hopeful optimism as we experience dark events of “the latter days”.’

The Ministry, by Charles J. Brown

Geoff Thomas , ‘The Ministry by Charles Brown can be read in a couple of hours but it is full of wise observations and counsels. The chapter on the pulpit prayers of preachers is particularly valuable.’
Jeremy Walker , ‘A lot of what passes for pastoral theology today is both wordy and shallow. Brown is neither. This is a short and focused book, having four main sections dealing with vital issues too rarely or carelessly considered in modern books. …Brown’s book not only suggests to every Christian how they might pray for gospel ministers, but would be an ideal gift for those entering or leaving seminary, or seeking some refreshment and reinforcement while pursuing their pastoral labours.’
Carl Trueman ,  ‘This is an old but good book on ministry. The chapter on public prayer is worth the price. Leading in prayer is difficult, with the constant danger of either being too brief to be helpful and too long to be bearable. The advice in this book is very useful and will help ministers lead their congregants in prayer in a clear and godly manner.’

Love Rules: The Ten Commandments for the 21st Century

Mark Johnston , ‘The idea of “love” and “rules” being put side-by-side may seem strange in an age in which ‘Just do it!’ is the order of the day. But this fresh look at the Ten Commandments shows that it is only when we see God’s rules in light of his love that we can really make sense of how his laws are meant to function. …Our generation as grown up with a deep-seated suspicion of rules because of the myth that rules are the enemy of love. Here’s a book that shows nothing could be further from the truth.’

Both Sides Now: Ecclesiastes and the Human Condition, by Peter Barnes

Mark Johnston , ‘Both Sides Now is a great resource for all kinds of people – from students to ageing cynics – who are struggling to make sense of life by pointing them to the message of the Bible.’
Evangelicals Now , ‘The emptiness of modern reasoning is thoroughly exposed, and the reader constantly and sensitively pointed in the direction of truth, and especially of gospel truth. As a book both to help the believer understand how Ecclesiastes continues to reveal the emptiness of the thinking of the world, and to give to a thinking non-Christian, this is recommended.’

A Day’s March Nearer Home: Autobiography of J. Graham Miller

Derek Prime , ‘I finished the autobiography of Graham Miller yesterday. I’m sorry that it has come to an end! If I judge the helpfulness of a Christian biography by the number of times I note things that are helpful or subjects I would like to add to my index, then this comes at the top of the list of those I have read in recent years. I hope it has a wide readership.’
Iain Murray , ‘I have counted the friendship of Graham and Flora Miller as one of the richest privileges of my life.’
Paul Levy , ‘The chapters on his old age are remarkably moving. I want to grow old like Graham Miller. He is an example for ministers in retirement.’

Sent By Jesus: Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today, by D.B. Knox

Evangelical Magazine of Wales , ‘The volume is easy to read as the various aspects of ministry are brief but lucid in their treatment. Recommended reading to all and particularly for those who have responsibility for the pulpit ministry.’
Donald K. Macleod , ‘This is an excellent little book. Although many thorny matters are discussed they are dealt with in a way that makes for easy reading and much hard thinking. The climax he works to is that there is joy in the ministry in the name of the Lord: and we should all taste it. It is a book that should be read by those aspiring to, or training for or praying for the ministry of the gospel. Whom does that leave out?’

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