Sent By Jesus

Some Aspects of Christian Ministry Today

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Preaching & Teaching, Pastoral Theology/Pastoral Helps

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Dec 1, 1996

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New Testament




‘The volume is easy to read as the various aspects of ministry are brief but lucid in their treatment. Recommended reading to all and particularly for those who have responsibility for the pulpit ministry.’ — EVANGELICAL MAGAZINE OF WALES

‘This is an excellent little book. Although many thorny matters are discussed they are dealt with in a way that makes for easy reading and much hard thinking. The climax he works to is that there is joy in the ministry in the name of the Lord: and we should all taste it. It is a book that should be read by those aspiring to, or training for or praying for the ministry of the gospel. Whom does that leave out?’ — DONALD K. MACLEOD

Book Description

Christian ministers no longer have a recognized role in society; churches are no longer the influence they once were; preaching is at a discount. In many denominations and  groups, new strategies have replaced the old verities of the faith of the gospel. What is the way ahead?

Dr. D. Broughton Knox calls us back to biblical foundations as the only way of gaining clarity of thought and vision. He writes in the quiet confidence that those who are ‘sent by Jesus’ will never lack their Master’s presence, power and guidance.

Sent By Jesus will help to instil biblical sanity to discussions about the work of the Christian ministry; even more importantly, it will bring encouragement to those who have obeyed Christ’s call to serve him, wherever he sends them, whatever the cost.

Dr. Broughton Knox was for many years Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia. Now in official retirement he is actively serving in the newly-founded George Whitefield College in Kalk Bay, South Africa.

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Preface ix
1 The Nature of the Christian Ministry 1
2 The Theology of Ordination 11
3 The Mission of the Church and the Purpose of the Ministry 18
4 The Ministry and Teaching 22
5 Prepare and Preach Properly, or Perish 28
6 Communicating the Gospel 33
7 Repentance: Preaching that is Out of Favour 38
8 Masculine Terminology concerning the Deity and the Consequences for Congregational Life 44
9 'The Church' and 'The Denominations' 55
10 The Joy of Ministry 66
Appendix: Some Notes on Principles for Conducting Training for the Ministry. 74


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