Jesus Himself

The Story of the Resurrection

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Atonement, Jesus Christ, Salvation

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Apr 20, 2007

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‘The believer’s faith, love and hope would all be well-served by prayerful and meditative reading of this little volume. Unbelievers willing to read a book of this order would find themselves often face to face with Christ, and the enticing challenge of his person and work. In essence, it is full of the gospel, and the aroma of Jesus rises from it sweetly. To have your eyes turned to and fixed upon him, you could do much worse than to purchase and peruse this volume.’ — JEREMY WALKER

‘This is a choice little book, well suited to readers of every sort. It moved this reviewer several times to pause in the enjoyment of emotions which are out of this world.’ — MAURICE ROBERTS

‘Each of the fifteen short chapters is introduced by an appropriate passage of Scripture, using the English Standard Version of the Bible, and is followed by the author’s commentary and comments. This handsome little book would serve as a good companion at the bedside or in the study, where a few moments meditation will uplift the mind and bless the soul.’ — THE GOSPEL MAGAZINE

Book Description

In the Foreword of Jesus Himself Sir Marcus Loane writes, ‘The wonder and glory of the Resurrection are far greater than we can ever conceive. That great drama took place in the silent tomb a great while before it was yet day. No one else was there when God raised Jesus from the dead: no one saw it happen . . . All that was mortal had put on immortality: death was swallowed up in victory. And it was in his risen glory that he made himself known to his disciples . . .’

The chapters that follow are part of a well-loved and life-long pilgrimage for the author. The Resurrection story they recount comes across with a freshness and loveliness that is full of heart-warming fascination.



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