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Cover for a Body of Divinity

A Body Of Divinity

Contained in Sermons Upon the Westminster Assembly's Catechism by Thomas Watson

by Thomas Watson

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Book Description Thomas Watson’s book, A Body of Divinity is one of the first books published by the Banner of Truth Trust. This book has been one of the best sellers and consistently the most useful and influential of our […]

A Defence of Calvinism
price $4.00 $3.60


Explains and defends the Bible’s teaching about the grace of God in the gospel. 32pp.

Book Cover for 'A Handful of Pebbles'

A Handful of Pebbles

Theological Liberalism and the Church

by Peter Barnes

price $10.00 $9.00


Theological Liberalism and the Church’ — traces the origin and development of theological liberalism and how dangerous it is to the church. 96pp.

cover image for 'Heart For God' by Sinclair Ferguson
price $9.00 $8.10


A guide to the greatness of God in his majesty and creative power, the tenderness of his care, and the marvel of his love. 144pp.

Book Cover for 'A History of the Work of Redemption'
price $29.00 $26.10


Reviewing the whole panorama of human history, here is Edwards’ great vision of the irresistible advance of the cause of Christ in the world, giving encouragement to all who labour in the gospel. 448pp.

Book Cover for 'A Reformation Guide to Scripture'

A Reformation Guide to Scripture

The Prologues from the Geneva Bible 1560


price $10.00 $9.00


The Prologues from the Geneva Bible, 1560’. 152pp.

Book Cover for 'A Summary of Christian Doctrine'
price $9.00 $8.10


Unequalled as a handbook of Christian doctrine, written from an evangelical and reformed viewpoint. Includes questions for review. 192pp.

Book Cover for 'Accuracy Of Translation'

Accuracy Of Translation

The Primary Criterion in Evaluating Bible Versions with special reference to the New International Version

by Robert P. Martin

price $9.00 $8.10


Argues for a formal equivalence approach to Scripture translation. 95pp.

cover for Apostasy from the Gospel

Apostasy from the Gospel

The Nature and Causes

by John Owen

price $9.00 $8.10


An abridgement of Owen’s powerful teaching on the possibility that not all ‘professing’ Christians may prove to be true Christians. 184pp.

Book Cover For 'Authority'
price $10.00 $9.00


An exposition of the divine authority of Christ, of his Word, and of his Spirit. 96pp.

Book Cover For Biblical Doctrines
price $28.00 $25.20


Reveals Warfield’s mastery of such doctrines as the Trinity, the Person and Work of Christ, Redemption, and Faith. 680pp.

Biblical Theology

Old & New Testaments

by Geerhardus Vos

price $29.00 $26.10


The ripe fruit of the 39 years which Vos spent teaching Biblical Theology at Princeton. 436pp.

Cover Image of Calvinism: Pure and Mixed

Calvinism: Pure and Mixed

A Defence of The Westminster Standards

by W.G.T. Shedd

price $7.00 $6.30


A defence of the reformed faith and common criticisms of it. 184pp.

Cover Image of 'Catholicism: East of Eden'

Catholicism: East of Eden

Insights into Catholicism for the 21st Century

by Richard Bennett

price $19.00 $17.10


A former Roman Catholic priest addresses the 21st-century issues of Catholicism with candour and empathy. 336pp.

Cover Image of 'Children of the Living God'
price $8.00 $7.20


Shows how the Spirit of sonship, freedom, discipline, prayer and the sacraments all contribute to our experience of the Father’s love. 144pp.

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