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Web Reviews of Banner Books 2008 No. 7

Category Book Reviews
Date July 25, 2008

‘ . . . should be read by all pastors, lovers of Lloyd-Jones, and those who want to understand 20th century evangelicalism and the Reformed faith in Britain and America.’ [Steve Martin on Iain H. Murray’s Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace]

The following are links to selected blogs where comments on or reviews of Banner of Truth titles have been posted, mainly through July, 2008. The views expressed are of course those of the respective bloggers. . .

For each title mentioned, a link is also provided to the appropriate page of the Banner online Bookstore, where orders can be placed.


Steve Martin (Carlisle, Pennsylvania) at Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service.

Caleb Burnison (Rockville, Maryland) on his Upside Down Youth blog. Includes comments on the series as a whole.

‘Hiraeth’ (Cardiff, Wales) on Free St. George’s blog.

Erik Raymond (Omaha, Nebraska) the Ordinary Pastor. [A newly typeset reprint of this title is in preparation.]

Jared Weatherholtz (Mexico City) on his but a fellow pilgrim blog.

Byron Snapp (Hampton, Virginia) at Calvary Herald, the web magazine of Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church (posted April 23 2008 – one we missed earlier!).

Another from Byron Snapp at Calvary Herald.

Terry Delaney (SBTS, Louisville, Kentucky) at Tony Kummer’s Ministry-to-Children blog.

Also from Terry Delaney, at the Said at Southern blog.

Tim Ashcraft (Taylors, South Carolina) at TheoSource.

Cassie Tynan at her Sweet Like Honey blog.

Justin Childers (Wilson, North Carolina) at his CROSS-eyed blog.

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