The Suffering Saviour

A Series of Devotional Meditations

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Jesus Christ

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New Testament

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Mar 1, 2004

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‘This is a book that opens up the passages on the cross in the Gospels in a way that doesn’t merely open the theological significance of what took place on Calvary, but does it in a way that brings home the hope and joy of Calvary for us as believers, and leads then into the doxology of bringing glory and honor to Christ.’ — MARK JOHNSTON

Book Description

This series of devotional meditations on the final scenes in the life of Christ on earth has been prized by successive generations of Christians ever since its original publication in 1854. Translated almost immediately into English and frequently republished, the book has been described as the greatest single volume of the entire nineteenth century on the last days of Christ’s earthly ministry.

Krummacher organizes his meditations around the structure of the Old Testament tabernacle. The first section, The Outer Court, covers the time from Jesus’ announcement of His approaching death to His discourses on the way to Gethsemane. The central section, the longest, is entitled The Holy Place. It deals with Gethsemane, Judas’ betrayal, Peter’s denial, all the judicial proceedings, Christ’s scourging, and the journey to Calvary. The final section, The Most Holy Place, covers the crucifixion itself, Christ’s sayings from the cross, His agony and death, and His burial.

This is a book to which all Christians, and especially preachers, will want to return frequently, to have their hearts warmed afresh, and their love to, and zeal for, their Saviour rekindled.

Table of Contents Expand ↓

Biographical Introduction ix
The Announcement 1
The Anointing 11
The Entry into Jerusalem 20
Christ Washing His Disciples’ Feet 28
The Passover 42
The Institution of the Lord’s Supper 50
‘Lord, Is It I?’ 55
Judas Iscariot 60
The Woe Denounced 70
The Walk to Gethsemane 79
The Converse by the Way 88
Gethsemane – Conflict and Victory 99
Gethsemane – Import and Result 110
The Sudden Assault 119
The Traitor’s Kiss 127
The Sword and the Cup 133
Offering and Sacrifice 140
Christ before Annas 146
The Judicial Procedure 152
The Fall of Peter 158
The Great Confession 165
Peter’s Tears 174
‘Prophesy unto Us, Thou Christ!’ 183
Christ before the Sanhedrin 191
The End of the Traitor 198
Christ before Pilate 209
The Accusations 219
Christ a King 226
‘What Is Truth?’ 234
The Lamb of God 240
Christ before Herod 248
Pilate Our Advocate 256
Jesus or Barabbas 264
Barabbas 273
The Scourging 282
‘Ecce Homo!’ 287
The Close of the Proceedings 296
The Way to the Cross 306
Simon of Cyrene 312
The Daughters of Jerusalem 319
The Crucifixion 331
The Dividing of the Raiment 341
The Inscription 351
‘Father, Forgive Them’ 358
The Malefactor 366
The Legacy of Love 376
‘Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?’ 384
‘I Thirst’ 395
‘It Is Finished!’ 403
‘Father, into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit!’ 411
The Signs That Followed 419
The Wound of the Lance 428
The Interment 436



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