A World of Love

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Pocket Puritans


‘To read the work of a Puritan doctor of the soul is to enter a rich world of spiritual theology to feed the mind, heart-searching analysis to probe the conscience, Christ-centred grace to transform the heart, and wise counsel to direct the life. This series of Pocket Puritans provides all this in miniature, but also in abundance.’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON

Book Description

According to Jonathan Edwards, heaven will be a world of holy love. God himself is the source of this love, and in heaven he will impart it perfectly to all his people. In Heaven, Edwards unfolds the nature, expression, effects, and enjoyment of this best of all the gifts God ever bestows on those who believe. From Jonathan Edwards’ Charity and Its Fruits

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  1. Sharon James

    I first read this wonderful description of God’s perfect love when I was about twelve years – and I have returned to it regularly since then. Inspiring at any time, but a special comfort at time of bereavement.

  2. Joshua J. Mills

    It is easy to get discouraged and weary on the Christian pilgrimage. We know that we are heading toward the Celestial City but we often forget what it will be like. In this book, Edwards has wonderfully drawn a picture of heaven. Heaven will be a world of love because God, the fountain of love, is there. What a glorious hope to look forward to. The Christian looks forward to the day of unhindered fellowship with God for all eternity. Amazing!

  3. Robert Luff

    I share this book with people who are either soon on their way to Heaven or have a loved one who is. As as someone comes close to the end of life, this gives a peek behind the veil at the glories we can expect in Heaven with the Lord and with loved ones who have gone before. One can only respond to such a reading with encouragement. It made me long for Heaven, and hold this world a little less tightly. I really should read it again soon!

  4. Richard C Ross

    In addressing his elusive subject Edwards begins with a set of two comparatives: firstly, the church before the canon of Scripture, in her infancy (when her guide was her Apostolic Tradition) and the church is her mature and advanced stage; and secondly, the church in this latter phase and the church in heaven. Of course, Edwards could proceed in no other way, than by comparisons, his subject being heaven. His theme is transcendent and, as such, he was bound to fail to give an accurate and adequate representation of the subject. That is the nature of the case. And our weakness and inability to measure up to this transcendent reality is a persistent and glorious theme developed in the Apostle’s writings, through his extravagant, unavoidable, use of the lexicon of hyperbole: ‘unspeakable’, ‘indescribable’, ‘surpassing’, ‘exceeding’, ‘abounding’ hupers – though I recall the sage comment of Thomas Traherne: ‘In Divine things there can be no hyperbole!’ Nevertheless, what Edwards sets before us is, if you will, a monochrome photograph of heaven – of necessity lacking the verisimilitude of its colour, sound, splendour, length, depth, breadth and height – all of which ‘surpass knowledge’.

    But what a photograph! I doubt whether any uninspired author has soared so consistently in the golden glory of the ‘world of love’ as Edwards. Never was a temperament or personality more suited to the undertaking. Never was an intellect more saturated in the theme to which he applies himself. Never was a soul more sensitive to the ‘spiritual realm’. Surely a ‘desert island’ choice for ‘Books for Banishment’. If I say that this single chapter is a worthy companion to John Owen’s ‘Meditations on the Glory of Christ’ and John Flavel’s ‘Fountain of Life’ you’ll know what this piece of writing means to me.

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