The Pastor in Prayer

A Collection of the Sunday Morning Prayers of Charles Spurgeon

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Mar 1, 2004

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When the American evangelist D.L. Moody spoke in the Metropolitan Tabernacle in October 1892, he recalled an earlier visit twenty-five years previously. He had come four thousand miles, he said, to hear C.H. Spurgeon, but what impressed him most was not the sermon, nor the singing of the great congregation, but Spurgeon’s prayer. Such was his access to God that he seemed to be able to bring down power from heaven. This was the great secret, Moody believed, of Spurgeon’s influence and success.

This collection of prayers drawn primarily from Sunday morning services at the Tabernacle will make a similar impression on readers today. In this book we see Spurgeon come into the presence of God with deep reverence, yet with unquestioning child-like confidence, to plead God’s promises in Scripture and to revel in the nearness to God into which Christ has brought all who believe.

The Pastor in Prayer will inspire those who lead public worship and all Christians with a fresh sense of the privilege of prayer, and a renewed desire to ‘come boldly to the throne of grace’, there to ‘obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need’.

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1 The Personal Touch 1
2 Jesus Interceding for Transgressors 7
3 God's Thoughts and Ways Far Above Ours 13
4 A Golden Prayer 19
5 The Day of Salvation 24
6 Sitting Over Against the Sepulchre 29
7 The Reason Why Many Cannot Find Rest 34
8 The Conquest of Sin 40
9 True Prayer - Heart Prayer 46
10 Distinction and Difference 52
11 Take Fast Hold 58
12 Trust and Pray 65
13 King and Priest 71
14 The Sin of Mistrust of God 77
15 The Foot-Washing 83
16 The Life Look 89
17 Refuges of Lies 94
18 'Your Adversary' 100
19 Risen with Christ 106
20 Intercession for the Saints 112
21 The Sentence of Death in Ourselves 118
22 Intercession for One Another 124
23 The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved 130
24 Free Grace, and Free Giving 136
25 An Evening Prayer - 1 142
26 An Evening Prayer - 2 147

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  1. David

    What a helpful tool for the “plow horses of God”
    All glory to Him.

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