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Brazilian Pastors’ Conference Goes From Strength to Strength

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Date January 23, 2003

Our Brazil conference (FIEL) record attendance of 1,386, with very little publicity, was certainly from above. That the number attending this year’s conference in Mozambique nearly doubled was an encouragement to all involved.

We are praising Him for the addition to our Brazilian staff of Tiago, a young lawyer that came to the Lord through our witness when he was but a boy. He is leaving a good paying job with the promise of a bright financial future to join us by faith with a much reduced salary. To keep six persons on staff has been a test of faith for a project that operates in the red each month.

This year we are adding a youth conference to the three FIEL Leadership Conferences. We are hoping for 500 youth 18 or older to attend the four day conference planned for July. A folder and poster on the project are being sent out during these days with the sixteenth issue of our magazine.

It has been with sadness that we have observed the enemy making inroads in the Brazilian church through evangelical leaders dedicated to the promotion of a man centered religion.. There seems to be no lack of finances and individuals to promote a self centered church.

Most Brazilian cities, including our own city, have Mormon missionaries going from door to door seeking to covert people to Mormonism. Where are our Christian youth who are willing to set aside personal ambitions to serve for an extended time on the field? Where are the parents that are ready to make sacrifices to send their sons and daughters to carry the good news to the world? Where are the experienced pastors who are willing to give up the security of the homeland to go overseas to fill the gap in the wall?


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