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Web Reviews of Banner Books 2008 No. 6

Category Book Reviews
Date July 4, 2008

‘The lectures are shot through with the ready wit and wisdom of C. H. Spurgeon. . . But there is also a high seriousness in these addresses. Spurgeon’s aim was to train men to be earnest, soul-winning preachers of the Gospel. He is deeply searching in his treatment of subjects like the minister’s self watch, the call to the ministry, the life of prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit in connection with our ministry. The lectures are packed with good advice. . .’ [Guy Davies on Spurgeon’s Lectures to my Students]


Guy Davies (Wiltshire) on his Exiled Preacher blog, a review prepared for Protestant Truth magazine.

Gary Brady (London, England) on his John Elias blog.

Lorna Roe (Ossett, West Yorkshire) with general comments on the new series, at

Leslie Wiggins (Alabama) at Discerning Reader.

Andrew Compton (Upland, California) at The Reformed Reader.

Mike Leake (Hannibal, Missouri) on his Borrowed Light blog.

Ian Clary (Ontario) at Discerning Reader.

Richard Zuelch (Lakewood, California) on his Reiterations blog, quoting from Meet the Puritans (Reformation Heritage Books). Note: This book is currently out of print.

Shane Lems (Sunnyside, Washington) at The Reformed Reader.

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