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cover image for 'Human Nature in its Fourfold State' by Thomas Boston

Human Nature In Its Fourfold State

of Primitive Integrity, Entire Depravity, Begun Recovery, and Consumate Happiness or Misery

by Thomas Boston

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The Ettrick minister expounds the biblical teaching on the four different ‘states’ of man’s relationship with God—innocence, sin, grace and glory. Boston’s classic work speaks to the spiritual needs of every reader. 512pp.

Book Cover for 'Memoirs Of Thomas Boston'
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From his deep Christian experience, Boston gave the church one of its most enduring spiritual autobiographies. 576pp.

cover image for the Crook in the Lot by Thomas Boston

The Crook in the Lot

What to believe when our lot in life is not health, wealth, and happiness

by Thomas Boston

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Book Description Thomas Boston (1676-1732) was a remarkable Scottish theologian and pastor. His Works run to 12 volumes and contain some lengthy theological treatises. But Boston also wrote brief, very accessible, and pastoral books, and chief among these is the […]

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