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Born in 1899 in Salford, Manchester, Sidney Maurice Houghton was raised in a Christian home, and it was once believed that Houghton would enter the ministry. He served in World War I during its last year in a searchlight unit in France. After returning to England, he was greatly influenced by his in-laws-to-be, who introduced him to the doctrines of grace. He graduated in 1925 from Manchester University, then taught history at Rhyl Grammar School for 35 years. From 1960 until his death, he served as chief literary and editorial advisor for the Banner of Truth Trust. One of S.M. Houghton’s most helpful books is Sketches from Church History, which shares a moving record of the church of Christ from its inception through the end of the nineteenth century, highlighting the courage of believers who have gone before us.

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Sketches from Church History by S. M. Houghton

Sketches from Church History

An Illustrated Account of 20 Centuries of Christ's Power

by S. M. Houghton

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A popular, fully illustrated introduction to church history from the early Church Fathers to the days of the modern missionary movement. 256pp.

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