Discovering God’s Will

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Feb 1, 1982


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How do we discover the will of God for our lives?

Sinclair Ferguson answers this question by showing how God’s will is shaped by his ultimate purposes for us. It is made known to us through his Word. At times discovering God’s will demands careful thought: it may require patience; it always demands a right attitude to God himself.

Discovering God’s Will draws out fundamental principles by which God guides us, applies them to practical situations like vocation and marriage, and underlines many important biblical counsels. It shows that the guidance God gives comes primarily through knowing, loving and obeying him.

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Introduction 9
1 God’s Ultimate Purpose 15
2 Guidelines for Guidance 26
3 Guarding the Heart 39
4 A Christian Life-style 51
5 Principles of Conduct 64
6 Consider Your Calling 75
7 Marriage? 90
8 Wait for the Lord 102
9 He Leads Me 117


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