Burial or Cremation

Does it Matter?

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Apr 30, 2001

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How should Christians dispose of the bodies of their loved ones after death? Does the Bible give us authoritative guidance on this question, or are we free to decide on the basis of pragmatic arguments, or even personal taste?

Donald Howard is convinced that the Scriptures do give a clear answer to this question: ‘Burial alone has the endorsement of God’s Word, and that Word, not tradition, sentiment or custom, must direct us in both our living and our dying. It is the writer’s firm belief that burial alone gives specific testimony to the Christian doctrine of the resurrection of the dead.’

The author traces the history of burial through the Old Testament to the culminating example of Christ’s burial and resurrection, discusses the practice of cremation in the modern world, and gives wise counsel on the need to grieve and to plan for our own funeral. His whole approach is based on the glorious privilege of being united to Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.

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  1. George Gray

    I have pastored in Glasgow, Scotland where the majority of the people who die are buried. Later that seemed to change.
    After some years my wife & I were called to the USA to serve the Lord. We came to New York, where there is a freeze of a harsh winter they are placed in a vault until spring, then buried.
    Later we were invited to minister in Florida. It was totally different because the majority of the dead were cremated. It’s all about a money saving program. The dignity of those who are buried is vastly different, and I truly believe that Christian burial is crystal clear from the scripture in both old and new Testaments.

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