Every Promise of Your Word

The Gospel According to Joshua

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Mar 3, 2016

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‘The book of Joshua is a promise of hope and a call to repentance that the church needs to hear. With faithful interpretation, holy imagination, skillful illustration, and spiritual illumination, Dodson opens up the biblical text so that we see not just ancient Israel, but ourselves and the Lord Jesus. This book is an ideal companion for personal devotion or family worship.’ — JOEL BEEKE

‘This fine commentary by Rhett Dodson is full of exegetical clarity and balance, pastoral insight and wisdom, theological intelligence and relevance, and communicative skill and effectiveness. This will open up Joshua for the Bible student and for the preacher. May God use it for his glory.’ — PETER ADAM

‘The more I read Rhett’s expository commentary on Joshua, the more I was just thrilled at the way he brings the different ingredients that make a good sermon and good handling of Scripture all together in a balanced way that allows the text to speak for itself.’ — MARK JOHNSTON

Book Description

The book of Joshua stands at a pivotal point in biblical history as the nation of Israel transitioned from a life of wandering in the wilderness to conquering and possessing Canaan, the land of promise. The God who redeemed his people from bondage in Egypt gave them a land of their own just as he swore to Abraham.

From encampment on the eastern banks of the Jordan River to dramatic victories, a critical setback, and eventual settlement, the book of Joshua recounts key events in redemptive history, events that mark the fulfillment of God’s gracious word, demonstrate Israel’s weaknesses, and highlight the Lord’s fidelity to every promise he had made. His covenant faithfulness reminds us that he is a God who can be trusted. His covenant fulfillment, in turn, points us to a greater Joshua, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In Every Promise of Your Word, learn anew to rely on the God who keeps his every promise and see Jesus as he is revealed in the Scriptures of the Hebrew Bible.

When we place the message of Joshua in its historical and redemptive context, then the relevance of this book for the twenty-first-century church becomes clear. Beyond just being an interesting relic of ancient Jewish history, what we find in this old covenant book is a profoundly Christian message. God not only kept and fulfilled his land promises through Joshua; he also keeps and fulfils his promises of salvation and of a new heavens and new earth, through our Lord Jesus. And God intends for his faithfulness to Christ to elicit faithfulness from his people as well.

Choose whom you will serve. Like Israel assembled at Shechem to renew the covenant, a choice lies before you. Will you be faithful to Jesus, the one who has been faithful for you?

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Preface ix
1 Every Promise of Your Word! (1:1-2) 1
2 Never Alone (1:1-9) 13
3 Authority and Obedience (1:10-18) 27
4  Rooftop Revival (2:1-24) 41
5 Time to Go (Joshua 3:1-17) 57
6 A Sermon in Stones (Joshua 4:1-24) 73
7 The Art of Spiritual Warfare (5:1-12) 89
8 The Lord’s Commander (5:13-15) 103
9 Jehovah Fought the Battle of Jericho (Joshua 6:1-27) 115
10 Little Babies Too? (6:15-21) 129
11 Achan Lost the Battle of Jericho (7:1-26) 143
12 Ambush at Ai (8:1-29) 159
13 Covenant Renewal (8:30-35) 173
14 Obligated by Oath (9:1-27) 185
15 The Day the Sun Stood Still (10:1-15) 197
16 The Lord is a Man of War (10:16-43) 211
17 Canaan’s Last Stand (11:1-15) 223
18 Our Great Saviour (11:16-23) 235
19 King of Kings (12:1-24) 249
20 Inherit the Land (13:1-19:51) 263
21 Whole-hearted! (14:6-15) 275
22 Special Cities—Gospel Truths: A Place of Refuge (20:1-9)  287
23 Special Cities—Gospel Truths: The Lord Will Provide (21:1-42) 301
24 No Falling Words (21:43-45) 315
25 We Are God’s People (22:1-34) 329
26 Faithful Living in an Unfaithful World (23:1-16) 343
27 Today’s Choice (24:1-33) 357

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  1. J Taylor

    This is my now favourite commentary on Joshua. Dodson is clear and exposites the text in a really helpful way, through the big themes throughout redemptive history to smaller insights in its historical narrative context. The book is rooted in Christ, and Dodson takes the opportunities from the text to consider who God is and what he’s done in a very pastoral and devotional manner.

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