Facing Grief

Counsel For Mourners


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Feb 1, 1968


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In 1674, two years after his second wife’s death, John Flavel published A Token for Mourners. In it he meditates on the words of Luke 7:13: ‘And when the Lord saw her, he had compassion on her, and said unto her, ‘Weep not.’ From this verse the author helps the reader to think about grief, distinguishing ‘moderate’ sorrow from ‘immoderate’. He spells out what is appropriate for a Christian mourner and what is not. This book is full of Scripture, counsel, warning, and wisdom gained from prayerful reflection on the personal experience of affliction in loss and grief.

A best-seller for more than 150 years in both Britain and America, this little book gave much comfort to generations of Christian parents who suffered the heart-breaking experience of the loss of children.

Now republished as Facing Grief: Counsel for Mourners, this attractive new edition makes Flavel’s Token accessible once again in the form in which it knew such popularity – a small book, just the right size for carrying, and reading slowly, with meditation, reflection and prayer.

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Foreword by Dr Mark Dever vii
Epistle Dedicatory xi
1 The Text Explained 1
2 Moderate and Immoderate Sorrow 11
3 Sorrow Permitted to Christian Mourners 15
4 When Sorrow Becomes Sinful 21
5 Counsel to Ungodly Mourners 35
6 Godly Mourners Comforted 41
7 Pleas for Immoderate Grief Answered 95
8 Rules to Restrain Excessive Sorrow 115



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