God-Centred Evangelism

A Presentation of the Scriptural Theology of Evangelism

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Evangelism, Missions

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May 1, 1966

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‘Here’, writes John Murray, ‘we have the theology of evangelism, and evangelism without scriptural theology has lost its moorings. R.B. Kuiper’s writing, as his preaching and lecturing, was always characterized by clarity and simplicity’. The book God-Centered Evangelism begins with God as the author of evangelism, and shows the relation of his love, election, covenant and commission to it. There are chapters on scope, urgency, motive, aim, agent, approach, means, message, method, effectiveness and triumph of evangelism. Dr. Kuiper also deals with zeal for co-operation in, and resistance to evangelism. A student of B.B. Warfield, on whom he made a deep impression, Dr. Kuiper had a distinguished career in the pastoral and teaching ministry. He was a President of Calvin College and Professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary.


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1 God the Author of Evangelism 13
2 God’s Infinite Love and Evangelism 23
3 God’s Sovereign Election and Evangelism 32
4 God’s Gracious Covenant and Evangelism 46
5 God’s Sovereign Commission and Evangelism 59
6 God and the Scope of Evangelism 68
7 God and the Urgency of Evangelism 85
8 God and the Motive of Evangelism 95
9 God and the Aim of Evangelism 106
10 God and the Agent of Evangelism 118
11 God and the Approach of Evangelism 128
12 God and the Means of Evangelism 141
13 God and the Message of Evangelism 152
14 God and Zeal for Evangelism 174
15 God and the Method of Evangelism 185
16 God and Co-operation in Evangelism 199
17 God and the Effectiveness of Evangelism 215
18 God and Resistance to Evangelism 223
19 God and the Triumph of Evangelism 234



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  1. claude_l_2001@yahoo.com

    I want all the books this Holy Spirit filled Man of The Lord has written… One of Our Good Lord’s Warriors Indeed !

  2. Rees Hovland

    One of my favourite books on evangelism. Great and helpful read.

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