Profiting From the Word

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Biblical Studies, Spiritual Growth

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Aug 1, 1970

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The question of profiting from Scripture provides the theme for this book, originally published as a series in Studies in the Scriptures. How much profit do we gain from our reading of the Bible? ‘All Scripture’, we are told in 2 Timothy 3:16, 17, ‘is profitable’, but how much do we gain from our reading of Scripture, and by what means can we learn to profit more?

These questions, which are so fundamental to Christian experience and happiness, provide the theme for this book by Arthur Pink.

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Publishers’ Preface 7
The Scriptures and Sin 9
The Scriptures and God 19
The Scriptures and Christ 33
The Scriptures and Prayer 45
The Scriptures and Good Works 57
The Scriptures and Obedience 69
The Scriptures and the World 81
The Scriptures and the Promises 91
The Scriptures and Joy 103
The Scriptures and Love 115


2 testimonials for Profiting From the Word

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  1. Paul Walker

    I received a copy as a gift many years ago. This was one of the books (and authors) that God used to open my eyes to my poor use and understanding of scripture. So many problems in our personal lives and in our churches could be prevented simply by having a right view and understanding of God’s Word. I use it to help young Christians begin to understand how to study and apply the Bible to their life and practice.

  2. Yassine

    Read it and profit deeply from it in the Spirit. Then give away as many copies of it as you can all the days of your life. It’s a wonderful blessing well worth the read for any level of spiritual maturity.

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