The Upper Room

Being a Few Truths For the Times

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Doctrines of Grace, Life Issues, Marriage & Family, Spiritual Growth, Christian Thought

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Mar 24, 2022

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The dawn of New Testament Christianity in an upper room in Jerusalem and its final triumph when ‘many shall come from East and West and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven’, mark the beginning and ending respectively of the general sweep of this republished volume of papers by Bishop J.C. Ryle.

Sermons in some cases, lectures in others, they all exhibit the robust evangelical doctrine and down-to earth application, characteristic of Ryle’s style. With a vibrant challenging note and an occasional flash of humour, reliable advice, grounded in Biblical principles, is offered to ministers and congregations, parents and children, young and old, converted and unconverted.

Enlivening every word and sentence, the writer’s evangelistic zeal and tender pastoral concern compel the reader’s attention. Few, surely, can fail to be stirred and instructed by these addresses which have an astonishingly contemporary ring.

‘I have reached an age when I cannot reasonably expect to write much more. There are many thoughts in this volume which I do not wish to leave behind me in the precarious form of separate single sermons, addresses, lectures, and tracts. I have therefore resolved to gather them together in the volume I now send forth, which I heartily pray God to bless, and to make it a permanent blessing to many souls.’ — J. C. RYLE

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1 'They Went Up into an Upper Room' 1
2 'Luke, the Beloved Physician' 13
3 Simplicity in Preaching 23
4 Foundation Truths 41
5 The Good Way 55
6 'One Blood' 75
7 'Let Any Man Come' 91
8 Victory 113
9 Athens 131
10 Portraits 151
11 'To Whom?' 165
12 Our Profession 179
13 Many 201
14 Without Clouds 219
15 The Lord's Garden 231
16 The Duties of Parents 243
17 The Rights and Duties of Lay Churchmen 277
18 Questions About Regeneration 303
19 Thoughts for Young Men 317
20 Questions about the Lord's Supper 369
21 'For Kings' 397

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  1. @diveindigdeep

    In The Upper Room, J. C. Ryle presents a series of papers with truths for the times. Over 21 chapters and less than 400 pages, these sermons and lectures give fresh insight and encouragement into Christian living. While Jesus is not physically present in many of the texts, you can’t but mistake his spiritual presence and power amongst the disciples and in the life, mind, and heart of Ryle.

    Relevant Applications

    What I was most moved to see was how Ryle’s applications remain relevant today. While Ryle was the first Anglican bishop of Liverpool, I am still challenged by his applications. Ryle takes the text and shows the big implications on Christian living and a Christian worldview. Being thankful for freedom of religion, the sanctity of life and showing dignity to the human body, and more. Ryle takes on a variety of topics such as new birth and faith, and he does so with wisdom and simplicity. He writes in a straightforward manner, fully grounded in Biblical texts and principles. His words are kind, warm, and pastoral.

    Personal Encouragement

    I was most interested to see Ryle speak of his own early days of preaching in Chapter 3: Simplicity in Preaching. He offers tips and gives insight into his methods. It was stirring for me as a man still new in my preaching career. I was also moved in Chapter 16, where Ryle describes the Duties of Parents. I was reminded to teach my children to love the Bible, and that obedience is a virtue for all of life. Towards the end of the book, Chapter 19 gave Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men, and I couldn’t help but think that Ryle was personally reminding me and giving me a call to come out from the world. Like the disciples in the upper room, I was gripped with a sense of holy urgency to worship and share the gospel, fearing and trembling at the wonder and glory of of the resurrected Christ.

    I received a media copy of The Upper Room and this is my honest review.

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