Thoughts for Young Men

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Oct 9, 2015

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‘[Ryle’s writings are] a distillation of true Puritan theology presented in a highly readable and modern form.’ — D. MARTYN LLOYD-JONES

‘I see [Ryle] as a single-minded Christian communicator of profound biblical, theological, and practical wisdom, a man and minister of giant personal stature and electric force of utterance that sympathetic readers still feel…Ryle is magnificent! There’s no other word for it. Do yourself a favor and read this wonderful book, and think about what you read.’ — J. I. PACKER

Thoughts For Young Men abounds in reliable counsel and says — with a rare combination of seriousness and graciousness — the very things we need to hear. Young men, for whom it was written, will find it invaluable; but all Christians, men or women, young or old, can read it with lasting benefit. It deserves to be widely read and circulated, and will do spiritual good to every reader.’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON

‘His exhortations are timeless and just as relevant to today’s young man as they were when he penned them over 100 years ago. This is the first book I recommend to pastors, youth leaders, and parents, who are looking for a resource that will assist them in training young men to be bold, stalwart followers of Christ, who will impact the world.’ — GRANT CASTLEBERRY

Thoughts For Young Men is wise, frank, warm-hearted and hard-hitting. Although written a century ago, the message is right up-to-date.’ — JOHN R. W. STOTT

‘The poignant theme of God’s holiness saturated all Ryle’s writings. I heartily endorse the reappearance of this valuable work.’ — JOHN MACARTHUR

‘I am happy to commend the republication of this important work.’ — LEON MORRIS

‘I heartily commend this book to all young men who have any concern for the importance of walking with God…pure spiritual gold.’ — JERRY BRIDGES

‘Sound, profitable reading. I commend it to young men everywhere.’ — JAMES MONTGOMERY BOICE

Book Description

Thoughts for Young Men is practical, spiritual, and lively. Abounding in advice and good sense, it is still as relevant and helpful in the twenty-first century as it was when it was first published in 1865.

Ryle first gives general reasons for exhorting young men, before moving on to special dangers for young men, counsel for young men, and special rules for young men. He writes with a sense of true, pastoral care for the young men of his day, and his sage advice is every bit as applicable to young men today—indeed, all young people will be greatly helped by this small but powerful book.

  • Accessible: The short, approachable chapters are suitable for teenagers and young adults alike, though the content is sure to benefit readers of any age. Its length makes it an excellent book for group studies.
  • Practical: Ryle’s wise counsel targets perennial issues young men of every century have faced: pride, love of pleasure, thoughtlessness, contempt of religion, fear of man. His advice for fleeing such things is not heady and theoretical, but imminently practical, always reminding his reader to ‘become acquainted with our Lord Jesus Christ.’
  • Giftable: As seen in the product reviews below, Thoughts for Young Men is the sort of book which is excellent for keeping on hand to give to the young people around you.

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Foreword by Mark Dever vii
Introduction 1
Part 1: General Reasons for Exhorting Young Men 3
Part 2: Special Dangers to Young Men 19
Part 3: General Counsels for Young Men 37
Part 4: Special Rules for Young Men 55
Conclusion 71

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  1. Preacher’s Son

    As a 23 year old male who grew up a pastor’s kid my whole life, slid off into sin, and almost became a Catholic to repair my marred conscience; I can just say i wish I had this book at the age of 15. I highly recommend it.

  2. Jin Wan

    JC Ryle is one of my favourite all time authors (and probably preacher too if I lived in his time!). This book is perfect for people young and old, and it’s such a tiny book, that young people are more likely to read. It’s amazing how someone who wrote these gems 100+ years ago, is not only so relevant, but almost feel like someone wrote it from today! It shows that times haven’t changed for humanity, and we need the same light and salvation of God. Great book to gift to others too.

  3. joshuasunderland50

    This was the first theological book apart from the Bible that I read on my own time, but it sparked a heart for reading good theology and since then I have amassed a much larger library. The book is very small page-wise, yet it took me three weeks to get through because it kept making me cry. The way Ryle writes is like a wise father writing to a son he dearly cares for. It is a kind of book that is timeless or if anything becomes more topical as time goes on (regarding things like lust and pornography.) If you are a man, young or old, I urge you to read this.

  4. Charlie

    As a 17y/o, I urge any young men my age to get this book! Ryle points out many of the problems that we especially struggle with and gives biblical solutions to avoid these vices. Plus it is short, easy-to-read, and straightforward. Cannot recommend it enough!

  5. Gilbert Eggert

    I have only just finished reading this and am now ordering five more copies to send to my closest friends. This is what we young men need; genuine, gracious, spiritual challenging to refine our character. I look forward to thanking Ryle for this while we worship the Lord together in eternity.

  6. William Eatherton

    Being a 15 year old who is in a constant battle against the waves of sin and temptation the world throws upon the Christian, this is one of the most helpful books I have ever read regarding this subject. I would ask that any “young man” who has any reading ability at all would take the short time and effort to let the truths and beautifully clarifying wisdom of JC Ryle sink in.
    Quick to read and accessible, this is one of the books that, if I am to be blessed with children in the future, the young boys will most certainly read.

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