What Should We Think of the Carnal Christian?

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Oct 1, 1991


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‘Excellent. The case made is unanswerable.’ — THE WITNESS

‘Well worth careful consideration.’ — FREE PRESBYTERIAN MAGAZINE

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The Carnal Christian’ is an incisive analysis of one of the major problems in the contemporary evangelical scene in the United States. If evangelicals are now 35 or 40 million strong how is it that the life of the nation is so little affected? Evangelism has reaped a great harvest but the question has been rightly raised, what is wrong with the harvest? One of the most popular answers to this question is that too many Christians have stopped at ‘conversion’; they are ‘carnal Christians’ who have not yet learned to live a surrendered life. Ernest Reisinger examines this suggestion and the consequences which have resulted from its widespread acceptance. If this view of the ‘carnal Christian’ theory is correct then the real problem is more serious than is commonly supposed. It is a problem which can only be solved by a return to the New Testament’s teaching on conversion.

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  1. jdanford

    I have had this pamphlet since 1993 and have used it many times to share the carnal Christian debacle. When I hear the term from a pulpit I cringe and pray for that pastor/congregation.
    Jesus is both Lord and Christ to the glory of God the Father. He is!
    I thank God for Mr. Reisinger ,this pamphlet and his book Today’s Evangelism. Best book on the topic.
    Continued blessing upon these God honoring writings for God’s people to read until the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Choicest blessings in Christ always,
    Rev. Dr. John O. Danford

  2. Jennie Trowbridge

    Why don’t we hear teachings like this from the pulpit?
    This was my first time to learn that there is no
    carnal Christian; you are either converted or you’re not. The author clears up this false teaching of the Church of which we grew up believing. He presents
    Biblical evidence in setting the record straight casting aside the notion that Christians can be carnal and still
    be Christians. That would be tantamount to being almost pregnant. Excellent book.

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