The Invitation System

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Apr 1, 1967



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In the controversy arising from the promotion of this method, three main reasons have been put forward in its defence; the argument from Scripture, the ‘psychological argument’ which asserts the helpfulness of a public response to the individual, and a general argument as to its evangelistic effectiveness. In this booklet Iain Murray, himself an evangelical minister, examines the validity of these arguments and questions whether they can satisfactorily answer counter-arguments from Scripture and experience.

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  1. Robert Widdowson

    At first I thought altar calls were biblical. The pamphlet by Iain Murray The Invitation System set me straight. It was one of the first pieces of literature I deliberately read for its Reformed content.

  2. David R Nelson

    I was weaned on the invitation system, and so entrenched in this way of thinking that I didn’t know any other way to “do church.” The reformed books I began reading in college opened my heart and mind to a more biblical and Christ-glorifying view of salvation. Subsequently, I found myself questioning the invitation system. Murray’s clear but respectful refutation of this system answered both my questions and the ones I didn’t know enough to ask! I heartily recommend it to anyone wondering about how we should call the lost to Christ.

  3. David Bess

    Murray here in this little booklet gives a quick critique of the pitfalls of the invitation system that has been popular in American evangelicalism. It was used repeatedly in the Graham crusades and as a result, gained far greater prominence and acceptance. Murray examines the Scriptural basis of the practice, and its tendency to distort one’s understanding of the Gospel. He offers a quick, easy, but insightful read. I recommend it highly.

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