Good Tidings of Great Joy

Christ’s Incarnation the Foundation of Christianity

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These thirty-eight meditations on Christ’s incarnation from the pen of Charles Spurgeon are an ideal companion in the approach to the Christmas season. Indeed, they point believers just as emphatically toward the second advent of Christ, and so are a valuable guide at any time of year. Brief, powerful, and vivid, each ­devotional sparks renewed wonder at the grace of God in the incarnation of his Son.


‘Good Tidings of Great Joy takes us all by the hand to lead us to Christ. Here those who celebrate Christmas but privately realize they know too little about its significance will find a clear, straightforward, and attractive explanation of its real meaning. Here too, those who enjoy Christmas chiefly because they love Christ and want to know and love him better, will find encouragement and joy. And perhaps too some, who never celebrate “Christmas” and as a result are in danger of giving the incarnation far less attention than Scripture does, will find their affection for Christ rekindled or increased.’

— From the Foreword by Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

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Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson v
1. The Angel’s Song, Its Opening Note 1
2. The Angel’s Song, The Added Stanza 3
3. The Angel’s Song, Its Final Note 5
4. The Name of Jesus, God-given 9
5. The Name of Jesus, Prized by His People 13
6. The Name of Jesus, Common, Yet Unique 15
7. The Name of Jesus, Indicates His Work 17
8. Christ’s Incarnation, At the Right Time 21
9. Christ’s Incarnation, A Quietus to Fear 23
10. Christ’s Incarnation, Joyous and Personal 29
11. Christ’s Incarnation, The Wonder of Angels 33
12. Christ’s Incarnation, The Marvel of Mortals 37
13. Emmanuel, ‘God with Us’ 41
14. ‘God with Us,’ Unparalleled Condescension 45
15. ‘God with Us,’ The Mystery of Mysteries 49
16. ‘God with Us,’ Bridging the Great Gulf 55
17. ‘God with Us,’ Under All Conditions 59
18. The God-Man, Christ Jesus 65
19. The God-Man, A Miracle of Power and Love 69
20. All Fullnes in the God-Man 73
21. Christ Incarnate, His Knowledge of Sin 77
22. Christ Incarnate, The Sinner’s Only Hope 81
23. Christ Incarnate, The Pledge of Deliverance 85
24. The Incarnation, The Heart of the Gospel 89
25. The Incarnation and Our Sonship 93
26. The Incarnation, Its Glory 97
27. The Wise Men and the Incarnation 103
28. The Wise Men, What They Teach Us 107
29. The Incarnation, The Cause of Trouble 111
30. The Incarnation, Also a Source of Joy 115
31. The Incarnation, According to Prophecy 117
32. Christ’s Poverty, Our Riches 123
33. Christ’s Body, Divinely Prepared 127
34. Jesus Christ, His Own Herald 131
35. Jesus Christ, ‘Full of Grace and Truth’ 135
36. Christ’s Fullness, Received by His People 141
37. Room for Christ Jesus 147
38. Christ’s Two Appearings 153

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  1. marcdanielrivera

    Charles Spurgeon’s “Good Tidings of Great Joy” is a wonderful devotional collection to read and reflect on during this season. Published by Banner of Truth, this new Christmas devotional is clothbound with an attractive dust jacket and a matching ribbon marker.

    With a foreword written by Sinclair B. Ferguson, this little book contains 38 devotionals centered on Christ and His incarnation. The devotions are brief and perfect for quick reading. It is noticeable that the topics of the devotions are repeated multiple times. Most probably, these are Spurgeon’s sermons (around eight or nine) that were divided into multiple parts to create more easily digestible devotionals.

    While the devotions are designed to be read during the Christmas season, I find them good to be read anytime during the year. Spurgeon’s messages are clear, biblical, and easy to understand. They will point you to Christ and make you reflect on His power, glory, and humility.

    If you want to supplement your Advent Bible readings with a good devotional, Charles Spurgeon’s Good Tidings of Great Joy is definitely an excellent option. These meditations from the pen of the Prince of Preachers are worth reading and will draw you close to the Prince of Peace.

    As we approach the Christmas season, let us remember the good news: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners (1 Timothy 1:15-17 NLT), and worship God with thanksgiving, reverence, and awe!

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