Great God of Wonders

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Jun 30, 2003


Spiritual Growth, Christian Thought

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We all become like the objects we worship. How important then that Christians should be focused on the ‘Great God of Wonders’ revealed in Scripture. To think about God aright is the most exciting occupation possible for any created being’, says Maurice Roberts. In every aspect of the Christian life dealt with in these articles, Roberts’ emphasis is always on ‘the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus’. These writings, originally published in the Banner of Truth magazine, provide thought-provoking, spiritually invigorating, practical and warmly biblical reading.

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Publisher’s Preface vii
1 On Seeking God 3
2 Getting Started in Prayer 10
3 Secret Prayer Openly Rewarded 19
Living for God
4 Godliness 29
5 Union and Communion with Christ 37
6 No Mere Memory 43
7 Living with Our Limitations 50
8 ‘No Cross, No Crown’ 56
9 The Strife of Tongues 62
The Fellowship of the Church
10 The Duty of Mutual Submission 71
11 Dealing with Our Differences 78
12 The Minister’s Wife 87
13 ‘In the Time of Old Age’ 93
14 Why Christians Must Be Readers 101
Delighting in the Character of God
15 ‘Great God of Wonders’ 111
16 God of Righteousness 118
17 The ‘Slowness’ of God’s Ways 124
18 God’s Secrets – the Believer’s Comforts 132
19 The Gentleness of Christ 139
20 No Greater Love 145
Understanding God’s Truth
21 ‘I Am the Truth’ 155
22 Justification: An Imperilled Doctrine 162
23 ‘The Spirits in Prison’ 172
24 The History of Unbelief 182
The Second Coming and Heaven
25 The Believer’s Half-Life 191
26 Entering into Rest 198
27 Heaven, Resurrection, and the Coming Glory 204
28 ‘As the Lightning … ‘ 213
29 From Prophecy to History 220
30 Thy Kingdom Come 226

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  1. Paul Farese

    This book is well written easy to follow and plump full of food and water for my soul. The chapters are long enough to deal in spiritual depth but short enough to read in 10-15 minutes. I find my self turning back to this book time and time again when I sense the world remaining sin and the devil haunting my soul. Maurice Roberts has a way to firmly yet gently lead you away from trouble and into spiritual abundance. Every Christian ought to have this book.

  2. noah.j.morgan1

    This book is a collection of theologically rich, spiritually practical, and deeply biblical articles on a variety of topics relating to the Christian life. Each article is thought provoking, while remaining short for quick reading. You can read the chapters in any order. This book is perfect for both devotional and spontaneous reading. Its compact size makes it easy to take anywhere. A great buy!

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