The Pundit’s Folly

Chronicles of an Empty Life

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Dec 1, 1995

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The world is a sea of glass: a pageant of fond delight, a theatre of vanity, a labyrinth of error, a gulf of grief, a sty of filthiness, a vale of misery, a spectacle of woe, a river of tears, a stage of deceit, a cage full of devils, a den of scorpions, a wilderness of wolves, a cabin of bears, a whirlwind of passions, a fained comedy, a delectable frenzy; where is false delight, assured grief; certain sorrow, uncertain pleasure; lasting woe, fickle wealth; long heaviness, short joy.

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1 Chasing the Wind 1
2 Life under the Sun 27
3 Wisdom from the Poor Man 47
4 The Conclusion of the Matter 69

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  1. Jim Black

    This was my first time reading Sinclair Ferguson and it led me to buy 2 more of his books. The author has written an accessible short study of Ecclesiastes. It has enough depth to help someone who is already a Christian and is very good for non-Christians to read. Highly recommended. I am a fan of the publisher (Banner of Truth), Sinclair impressed me with this title.

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