D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Volume 1: The First Forty Years 1899 - 1939

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Pastoral Biography, 20th century



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Dec 1, 1982








‘If D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ life were a novel it would be panned by critics as too unrealistic. Because his life is a historical reality we are left to wonder at the providential energy that could have effected such an astonishing career. …This book is an electrifying apologetic for the powerfully theologized pulpit emphases of the Reformers and Puritans.’– CHRISTIANITY TODAY

‘This provides great encouragement and instruction for pastors seeking a ministry given to scriptural and doctrinal edification of the Bride of Christ.’– TOM NETTLES

‘The two-volume biography of Martyn Lloyd- Jones, the most powerful twentieth-century influence on my life.’– MICHAEL HAYKIN

Book Description

When Martyn Lloyd-Jones, physician, preacher and Christian Leader, died in 1981, after more then 40 years in London, few knew the remarkable story of his formative earlier years which, in the authorised biography, is now told for the first time. From his rural Welsh background to St Bartholomew’s Hospital (where at the age of 23 he was Chief Clinical Assistant to Sir Thomas Horder, the King’s Physician), then, suddenly at 27, to a struggling Calvinistic Methodist Church in Aberavon, South Wales, he appears successively as schoolboy, dairyman’s assistant, political enthusiast, debater, doctor, and finally Christian preacher.

Some regarded his change of career as romantic, others as foolish. The one thing of which Dr Lloyd-Jones was sure was that his settlement amid the industrial depression of South Wales was no sacrifice: ‘I gave up nothing. I received everything. I count it the highest honour God can confer on any man to call to be herald of the gospel’

This volume traces the unforgettable events of his first pastorate, his wider ministry in Wales (where, by 1933, the press reported, ‘he draws thousands to hear his message in all parts of the Principality’), his first visits to North America, and finally his settlement at Westminster Chapel, London,on the eve of World War II. While some saw him as ‘the modern Moody’, and others as ‘the last of the Calvanistic preachers’, Iain H. Murray’s work makes constant use of the hitherto unpublished material, and is able to present Dr Lloyd-Jones’ own view of his life and ministry.


Table of Contents Expand ↓

Introduction xi
I ‘A Welshman Now’ 1
2 Schooldays: Tregaron and London 21
3 The World of Medicine 43
4 ‘All Things New’ 57
5 The Call to the Ministry 81
6 Aberavon 113
7 A Different Preaching 131
8 Early Days at Sandfields 153
9 A Leader without a Party 179
10 Revival 203
11 The Church Family 229
12 Enlarged Work 249
13 In North America 269
14 The Pauline Note 285
15 Mainly through Welsh Eyes 307
16 Leaving Aberavon 327
17 Wales or Westminster? 345
18 The First Year’s Work in England 357
Appendix: In Memoriam – A Tribute to Henry Lloyd-Jones 379
Index 383


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  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Mark A. Swallow

    In the ministry one can find much loneliness, and as a pastor and teacher of the Bible via radio who prepares a great deal in the quiet of my study, I’ve enjoyed the companionship of the men of God who have gone before me. Since they are with the Lord I am dependent on biographers as I read about what they faced and how they navigated their challenges in earlier times. I especially enjoy reading how they understood and applied the Biblical text. Iain Murray’s biography of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is in two volumes and I have just completed this first one.

    It’s addictive reading. Murray can write, and the way he weaves his history with texts from Lloyd-Jones’ sermons is masterful. This book comforted and encouraged me, and affirmed boldness and courage in my own preaching. I’ll soon move onto Volume II, since I purchased the bundle from Banner of Truth. Buy it, read it, and be mentored by Dr. Lloyd-Jones!

    P.S. Banner of Truth does an outstanding job in print. The binding on these hard backs is fantastic as are the covers, quality of the pages, and pictures. These volumes are built to last. Thank you, Banner of Truth, for being so competent.

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