John Knox and the Reformation

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Apr 1, 2011


Reformer Biography, 16th century, Pastoral Biography

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It is the duty of all Christians to remember those faithful men from whom they heard the gospel of Christ. For those of Scottish descent no Christian leader deserves more to be remembered than John Knox. Born in Haddington around 1514, he took his stand for the Reformation alongside that ‘blessed martyr of Christ’, George Wishart. Assured of God’s call to the ministry of the Word while at St. Andrews, Knox endured many hardships in bringing the gospel’s message to a people in great spiritual darkness. Under God’s blessing he was instrumental in transforming the nation and his stamp, though somewhat faded, still bears its impress upon the Scottish people, both at home and abroad.

Commemorating the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Knox, this little book will encourage readers to not only remember the man but also consider the outcome of his life and imitate his faith.

Note: There are 3 chapters in this book, all of which have been previously published in other Banner titles. If you already own The Puritans, Knowing the Times, and Scottish Christian Heritage, then you already have access to the chapters in this book.

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Publisher’s Preface ix
John Knox Timeline xi
1 Remembering the Reformation 1
2 John Knox: The Founder of Puritanism 35
3 John Knox and ‘the Battle’ 81



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