Margaret Paton

Letters from the South Seas

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Jun 30, 2003


19th Century, Missionary Biography, Missions

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John G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides is a missionary classic. In this companion volume, Margaret Whitecross Paton gives an enthralling account of missionary life in the New Hebrides from the 1860s to the 1890s. The steady advance of the gospel in the islands is vividly described, and the whole account is set against the background of the joys and sorrows of family life. Margaret Paton writes with rare grace, humour and pathos. Letters from the South Seas is an inspiring story, full of the triumphs of Christian faith and love, and a missionary classic in its own right- a book to prize.

Margaret Whitecross Paton was the second wife of the pioneer missionary to the New Hebrides, John G. Paton. She was the daughter of the Rev. John Whitecross whose work The Shorter Catechism Illustrated was republished by the Trust. A gifted writer, musician and artist, she died in 1905.

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Introduction vii
A Paton Family Table xiv
Preface xv
1. Bound for the Islands 1
 2. First Impressions of the New Hebrides 4
 3. Settling Down on Aniwa 24
 4. Glimpses of the Aniwans 47
 5. Early Mission Days 55
 6. The Church of God on Aniwa 66
 7. Death and the Dayspring 73
 8. To the Children of the Dayspring 77
 9. A Trip to the Colonies 82
 10. Family Life and Church Life 97
 11. The Shipwreck and the Angel-Child 110
 12. Home, Sweet Home, on Aniwa 130
 13. The Mission Forces at Work 148
 14. The Year of the Hurricane 161
 15. The Madness of Mungaw 188
 16. Slavers and Friends 235
 17. To Her Dear Sister-in-Law 253
 18. Days of Sunlight and Shadow 258
 19. A Tour Round the Islands in 1889 274
 20. To Her Husband 294
 21. The Passing of Margaret Whitecross Paton 310
Key to Principal Missionaries Named 317
Index 318


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  1. Caroline Nias

    This is a wonderful book and if it is read alongside a biography or autobiography of John Paton you will see how the two complement each other perfectly and will understand what a suitable and indeed entertaining gift his second wife was to himself and to the work. Her letters written home are full of excitement, humour and challenge and will draw you in to their family life as well as shock you by the ghastly things that often happened to them in the course of serving the Lord amongst the cannibals of the South Seas! Throughout the book there are little cameos of amusing and instructive incidents in their family life, of their many illnesses, experiences of tornadoes and rough seas and endless adventures; but all from a woman’s persepctive, which is colourful, warm and refreshing. Having read this book I think you will begin to understand why at the end of his life John Paton said that if he had had more lives given to him he would have willingly spent them all just as he had spent his one – in the service of such a great and rewarding Master who had never left him and who had enriched his life so wonderfully in spite of such terrible dangers and distresses. To God be glory! Be inspired, entertained and refreshed by this book!

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