The Ulster Awakening

An Account of the 1859 Revival in Ireland

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19th Century

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May 1, 2009

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This is the finest account of the last great awakening in the British Isles and it is full of relevance for the needs of the present time. Not only were thousands made citizens of heaven but whole communities were changed in this fallen world.’ — IAIN H. MURRAY

Book Description

One hundred and fifty years ago the Spirit of God was poured out in great abundance upon the churches and people of Ulster, one of Ireland’s four ancient provinces. From humble beginnings among praying people in a County Antrim village, a mighty spiritual movement spread rapidly across the whole province, transforming the lives of many thousands in countryside and city alike and bringing with it radical social changes that lasted for several generations.

Writing in 1860 to defend the Ulster Awakening against the attacks of a skeptical press, John Weir, an Irish Presbyterian minister, skilfully weaves correspondence from the leading figures of the Revival into his truly fascinating, eye-witness account of the soul-stirring events of 1859.

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Preface—‘Why we may expect a Revival’ xi
PART ONE – The Origin, Early History, & Progress of the Awakening
1 Introduction 1
2 The model and conditions of a genuine Revival… 5
3 The two Revivals in Ulster… 12
4 Origin and birthplace of the Revival… 17
5 The early history and first-fruits at Ahoghill… 29
6 The town of Ballymena; outburst of spiritual life… 39
7 Early history of the Awakening in Belfast… 51
8 Extending interest in the Awakening… 59
9 Irish General Assembly; report on the state of religion… 67
10 Rapid progress… 76
11 Coleraine and its press… 83
PART TWO – Personal Observations and Inquiries
12 Personal visit to Ulster… 93
13 An unexpected change in the journey… 108
14 A student convert; his testimony as to a great Awakening… 116
15 Visit to Ballymena… 122
16 Coleraine; the labouring man and his converted Son… 127
17 Carrickfergus… 135
18 Sabbath at Portrush… 143
19 Letter from a minister on furlough… 150
20 A morning visit to Derry’s walls… 163
21 The Irish car-driver… 171
22 Spurious ‘statistics’… 178
23 Return to Belfast… 184
24 ‘Stricken’ cases at Berry Street Church and a marvellous change… 192
PART THREE – Matters Arising from the Revival
25 The ‘physical accidents’ of the Awakening… 197
26 The physiological affections, and their solution 205
27 The spiritual and social fruits of the Awakening… 223
28 Urgent need of Revival in Great Britain… 255


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