Banner of Truth Coffee Mug

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Weight 1.12 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3.5 × 5.25 in


Product Description

This premium, etched (not printed), 16 ounce coffee mug is the perfect gift for the Banner book reader. Tea could equally be enjoyed with this mug, although its hearty frame lends itself to a stronger hot beverage.

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  1. David Stringer

    This mug is the perfect in every way. The handle is the perfect size for someone like me who has big hands. I use this mug almost every day. It is by far my favorite mug. When company comes over and they use one of my four Banner of Truth coffee mugs, it makes for a great discussion as well. I recommend it most highly.

  2. Mikey Warren

    Charles Spurgeon once said, “Growing a beard is a habit most natural, Scriptural, manly and beneficial.”
    This is exactly how I would describe drinking coffee out of this mug.

  3. Joshua J. Mills

    I absolutely love this mug. By far, it is my favourite mug. Most days I use this mug in my personal study. It complements each Banner book nicely.

    Here is a brief review of it:


  4. Phillip

    This is a great mug. The etched in logo is clean and great quality. The rest of the mug is exceptionally smooth. The thickness of the mug makes it feel sturdy in my hand and it keeps much of the heat of my drink from coming through the side of the mug. I received this mug as a gift and I will certainly be using this as a gift to give in the future!

  5. David J. Harris

    I purchased mine several years ago when it first become available. After being used 5-6 days a week, the mug has held up wonderfully. The etching is still perfectly white (after many washings) and on the whole it seems rather impervious to scratching.

  6. countryhoppers

    Like BoT’s books, this mug is Top quality! The logo is etched into the cup and not painted on. The cup is that perfect navy blue, matte on the outside and shiny on the inside. Very high quality and would definitely recommend!

  7. gilimeod

    This mug is one of the few possession I acknowledge along with my TBS Westminster Bible. These two items accompany into the Throneroon every morning without fail. I long for Heaven, but am grateful for a sturdy well-designed coffee mug and a solid well designed Bible. A pilgrim needs little else.

  8. DannyT

    This is a very great mug. I like the logo of Whitefield and the mug also has the perfect shape / size for a coffee. Only by holding this BannerOfTruth-Mug in my hands I automatically feel drawn to read BannerOfTruth-Books, haha. Great work, I love it. :3
    GOD bless you, BannerOfTruth-Team!

  9. Glenn Piper

    I’ve had this mug for some months now and I use it every day 😀 fits my large hands perfectly, highly recommended 👍

  10. Alexander

    Now this is a quality coffee mug. 1. Its blue. 2. The slight hour glass shape makes it not tippy but still easy to clean. 3. The etched logo will not wear away and is still fairly easily cleanable if you are into that sort of thing ( Being horrible at pouring coffee I just have come to enjoy the patina that Whitfeild gets after a while.) 4. For our Three Forms of Unity friends the mouth of the mug is the perfect size for placing a brand-name stroopwafel on.

  11. Mark Leberfinger

    A well-made mug at an excellent price. It makes for a great cup of coffee.

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