This page includes individual commentaries and commentary series on the books of the bible. These commentaries offer faithful biblical exposition and include works from historic authors as well as from contemporary authors. Two noteworthy series on this page are the Let’s Study Series and the Geneva Commentary Series.

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Psalm 119

3 Volume Set

by Thomas Manton

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Thomas Manton's (1620-77) published expositions are characterised by careful preparation, systematic explanation of the text, rich illumination of its significance and a deep concern for the practical application of the biblical truth to daily living.

Book Cover for 'A Commentary on the Holy Bible'

A Commentary on the Holy Bible

Volume 3: New Testament

by Matthew Poole

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Although massive scholarship lies behind this work, Poole’s Commentary is clear and easy to follow. Each chapter is preceded by an outline of the contents and principal teaching. Approx 1000pp. per volume.

image of Leviticus by andrew bonar
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This commentary is based upon sound exegesis and marked by simplicity, yet Bonar is always careful to make spiritual application. 544pp.

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Manton at his best—full of searching application and sustained spiritual power. An excellent example of expository preaching. 488pp.

Genesis by John Calvin, Geneva Series of Commentaries
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Calvin excels in bringing out the principles of God’s dealings with men, as individuals and in covenant, and in showing faithfully yet tenderly the human weakness and sin all too evident in Genesis. 1088pp.

Daniel by John Calvin, Geneva Series of Commentaries
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There is scarcely a commentary on any portion of the Old Testament quite so profitable as Calvin . . . on Daniel’ —Wilbur Smith. 816pp.

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“The people that do know their God shall be strong”, wrote Daniel. It was not as a learned exegete but as a humble pupil in the school of God that E. J. Young taught the Scriptures until his death in 1968. His commentary on Daniel is not the least valuable part of his legacy to the church. 332pp.

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The ripe fruit of years of careful and loving study of the great themes in Johannine teaching; the privileges of fellowship with the Father and the Son through the Spirit are constantly brought to the fore. 600pp.

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“Cada uno de los volúmenes de la serie Vamos a estudiar…debería estar presente en todo hogar cristiano que tome en serio el llegar a conocer la Palabra de Dios”. -Covenanter Witness. 461pp.

Vamos a estudiar Juan

Let's Study John

by Mark Johnston

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Endorsement ‘Toda la serie Vamos a estudiar…que se está desarrollando es vital para todo hogar cristiano que sinceramente quiere llegar a conocer la Palabra de Dios’. , COVENANTER WITNESS Book Description Se ha descrito el Evangelio según Juan como tan sencillo que un niño puede vadearlo, y tan profundo que un elefante puede nadar en […]

Vamos a estudiar el Apocalipsis

Let's Study Revelation

by Derek Thomas

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Book Description El libro del Apocalipsis es la palabra final de Dios para la Iglesia: una impactante revelación de las cosas que Él quiere que esta conozca, expresada en un lenguaje y mediante unas formas que deslumbran y a menudo sobresaltan. Tal vez por ello muchos cristianos lo encuentren intimidatorio. Derek Thomas escribe para disipar […]

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Book Description Si Romanos es, humanamente hablando, la más impresionante de las epístolas de Pablo, entonces Efesios probablemente sea la más elegante. En la doxología que da comienzo a la epístola, las bendiciones caen en cascada sobre el lector. En sus versículos finales, el olor del campo de batalla se halla fuertemente en el aire […]

Showing 13–24 of 90 results