Published: 1960s

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Book Cover For 'Ecclesiastes'
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Shows that this neglected book of Scripture is relevant for today and designed to bring men to complete consecration to God. 352pp.

Book Cover for 'Acts'
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The clear, concentrated note-style of Alexander is perfect for Acts. All his commentaries are characterised by the same brief, lucid comments. Justly famous’—Tabernacle Bookshop Catalogue. 992pp.

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A series of addresses on the leading historical characters and the great biblical doctrines of the Reformation. 628pp.

Book cover for 'Memoir & Remains Of Robert Murray M'cheyne'
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A much-loved classic which contains Bonar’s life of M‘Cheyne and a wide selection of his sermons, letters and other writings. 664pp.

John G Paton

John G. Paton

The Autobiography of the Pioneer Missionary to the New Hebrides (Vanuatu)

by John G. Paton

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The moving and gripping account of the life of the great pioneer missionary to the New Hebrides. 340pp.

cover image for 'Human Nature in its Fourfold State' by Thomas Boston

Human Nature In Its Fourfold State

of Primitive Integrity, Entire Depravity, Begun Recovery, and Consumate Happiness or Misery

by Thomas Boston

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The Ettrick minister expounds the biblical teaching on the four different ‘states’ of man’s relationship with God—innocence, sin, grace and glory. Boston’s classic work speaks to the spiritual needs of every reader. 512pp.

The History of Christian Doctrines
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Traces the great movements of thought within the church from the apostolic fathers to the last century. 288pp.

Book Cover for 'Andrew Bonar'

Andrew Bonar

Diary & Life

by Andrew Bonar

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The Diary and Life of Andrew Bonar (1810-92) gives a panoramic view of one of the most fascinating periods of Scotland’s church history.

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Should preachers ask for a public response in evangelistic meetings? 44pp.

Showing 65–73 of 73 results