Published: 1993

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Deserted by God?

Understanding the ways of God through the experience of the psalmists

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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Draws on the experience of the Old Testament psalmists to help us begin to understand the ways of God. 196pp.

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An Earnest Ministry

The Want of the Times

by John Angell James

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The abiding impressiveness of James’ classic on the Christian ministry lies largely in the manner in which he presents one simple idea: ‘it is feeling which gives power to words and thoughts.’ 296pp.

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A collection of articles which speak to the needs of the times. 256pp.


The Works of Thomas Manton

Volume 3: Eighteen Sermons on the Description, Rise, Growth, and Fall of Anichrist; and A Practical Exposition Upon the Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah

by Thomas Manton

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Book Description The works of Thomas Manton (1620-1677) present us with what was most characteristic in the ministry of the English Puritans: careful, solid, warm-hearted applicatory exposition of the Scriptures. Manton’s works are characterised by great pastoral concern and a balanced wisdom. Ryle said, “If ever there was an English divine who must be classed […]


Price For A People

The Meaning of Christ's Death

by Tom Wells

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The Meaning of Christ’s Death’ is clearly and biblically explained. 168pp.

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Final Word

A Biblical Response to the Case for Tongues and Prophecy Today

by O. Palmer Robertson

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Argues from Scripture that preoccupation with tongues and prophecy shows a failure to grasp the fulness of New Testament privileges. Christ himself is the ‘Final Word’. 160pp.

Letters Of Henry Venn
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A fascinating insight into the life and times of an 18th-century minister, and practical spiritual counsel of perennial wisdom. 624pp.

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