Wells Of Salvation

Meditations on Isaiah

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God, Man & Sin, Salvation





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Feb 1, 1985



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The Wells of Salvation, by the authors of Heirs Together of Life, is composed of 98 short studies covering the entire book of Isaiah. If you have concentrated on the New Testament, if you have been intimidated by the length of Isaiah, or if you have skipped the first thirty-nine chapters, you may find this book just what you need. It is easily read, interesting and profitable.

Grand themes of Scripture which are emphasized include:

— The Bible, one book with one message
— The seed in Isaiah; the full bloom in the New Testament
— The sovereignty of God in creation and in providence
— The electing grace of God and his faithfulness to his people
— The universality of the church of Christ and its unity in all history
— The centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation he provides for his people at his own wells

Even while this book underlines the greatness of our God and challenges us to a humble walk before him, it encourages us in his love and causes us to rejoice in the victory he secures for his people.

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  Preface 7
Wise for Salvation, 2 Timothy 3:10-17 9
I Reared Children, Isaiah 1:1-17 11
Let Us Reason Together, Isaiah 1:18-31 13
The Mountain of the Lord, Isaiah 2: 1-5 15
When He Rises to Shake the Earth, Isaiah 2:6-22 17
They Parade Their Sin, Isaiah 2:22-3:12 20
In That Day, Isaiah 3:13-4:1 22
The Branch of the Lord, Isaiah 4:2-6 24
What More Could Have Been Done? Isaiah 5:1-17 27
Bitter for Sweet … Sweet for Bitter, Isaiah 5:18-30 29
This Has Touched Your Lips, Isaiah 6 31
A Virgin … with Child, Isaiah 7 33
Immanuel, Isaiah 8:1-10 36
To the Law and to the Testimony, Isaiah 8:11-22 38
A Light Has Dawned, Isaiah 9:1-7 40
His Hand Is Still Upraised, Isaiah 9:8-10:4 43
Wilful Pride … the Haughty Look, Isaiah 10:5-19 45
Destruction … overwhelming and Righteous, Isaiah 10:20-34 47
A Shoot from the Stump of Jesse, Isaiah 11:1-9 49
A Banner for the Peoples, Isaiah 11:10-16 51
The Wells of Salvation, Isaiah 12 53
The Lord … Mustering an Army, Isaiah 13 55
How You Have Fallen from Heaven, Isaiah 14:1-23 58
As I Have Planned It, So It Will Be, Isaiah 14:24-32 60
My Heart Cries Out over Moab, Isaiah 15 62
In Love a Throne Will Be Established, Isaiah 16 65
Tumbleweed, Isaiah 17 67
Land of Whirring Wings, Isaiah 18 69
Egypt, My People; Assyria, My Handiwork, Isaiah 19 71
How Then Can We Escape? Isaiah 20 74
I Tell You What I Have Heard from the Lord, Isaiah 21 76
The Valley of Vision, Isaiah 22:1-14 78
The Peg Driven into the Firm Place, Isaiah 22:15-25 80
Wail, O Ships of Tarshish, Isaiah 23 82
The Earth – Defiled by Its People, Isaiah 24 84
The Shroud that Enfolds All Peoples, Isaiah 25 87
Perfect Peace, Isaiah 26:1-15 89
Birth to Her Dead, Isaiah 26:16-21 92
Let Them Make Peace with Me, Isaiah 27 94
Who Is It He Is Trying to Teach? Isaiah 28:1-13 96
Does the Farmer Plow Continually? Isaiah 28:14-29 98
‘I Don’t Know How to Read’, Isaiah 29:1-12 100
The Deaf Will Hear the Words of the Scroll, Isaiah 29:13-24 103
‘Stop Confronting Us with the Holy One of Israel’, Isaiah 30:1-18 105
When the Lord Binds Up the Bruises, Isaiah 30:19-33 107
As a Lion Growls, Isaiah 31 109
Quietness and Confidence For Ever, Isaiah 32 111
The Sure Foundation for Your Times, Isaiah 33:1-16 113
The King in His Beauty, Isaiah 33:17-24 115
To Uphold Zion’s Cause, Isaiah 34 117
Your God Will Come, Isaiah 35 119
On Whom Are You Depending? Isaiah 36 121
He … Spread It Out before the Lord, Isaiah 37:1-20 123
Because You Have Prayed, Isaiah 37:21-38 125
All My Sins Behind Your Back, Isaiah 38 127
Peace and Security in My Lifetime, Isaiah 39 129
Comfort My People, Isaiah 40:1-11 131
To Whom Will You Compare Me? Isaiah 40:12-26 133
On Wings like Eagles, Isaiah 40:27-31 136
Be Silent … and Speak, Isaiah 41:1-16 138
Tell Us What the Future Holds, Isaiah 41:17-29 140
He Will Not Be Discouraged, Isaiah 42:1-13 142
Look, You Blind, and See, Isaiah 42:14-25 145
Called by My Name, Isaiah 43:1-7 147
You Are My Witnesses, Isaiah 43:8-21 149
I Remember Your Sins No More, Isaiah 43:22-44:5 151
No One Stops to Think, Isaiah 44:6-20 153
I Have Redeemed You, Isaiah 44:21-28 155
Though You Do Not Acknowledge Me, Isaiah 45:1-13 157
There Is No Other, Isaiah 45:14-25 159
I Will Carry You, Isaiah 46 161
I Will Continue For Ever, Isaiah 47 163
Leave Babylon, Isaiah 48 165
Before I Was Born, Isaiah 49:1-13 167
Give Us More Space, Isaiah 49:14-26 169
I Have Not Drawn Back, Isaiah 50 171
The Rock from Which You Were Cut, Isaiah 51:1-16 173
The Goblet that Makes Men Stagger, Isaiah 51:17-23 175
Your God Reigns, Isaiah 52:1-12 177
He Will Be Satisfied, Isaiah 52:13-53:12 179
Do Not Hold Back, Isaiah 54 181
The Richest of Fare, Isaiah 55:1-7 183
As the Heavens Are Higher Than the Earth, Isaiah 55:6-13 185
A House of Prayer for All Nations, Isaiah 56:1-8 187
Mute Dogs, Isaiah 56:9-12 189
No One Ponders It in His Heart, Isaiah 57:1-13 191
Peace, Peace, Isaiah 57:14-21 193
You Do as You Please, Isaiah 58 195
The Arm of the Lord – Not Too Short to Save, Isaiah 59 197
Your Heart Will Throb, Isaiah 60 199
Garments of Salvation, Isaiah 61 201
A New Name – Hephzibah, Isaiah 62 204
Striding Forth in the Greatness of His Strength, Isaiah 63 206
Oh, That You Would Come Down, Isaiah 64 208
‘Here Am I’, Isaiah 65:1-16 210
New Heavens and a New Earth, Isaiah 65:17-25 212
A Country Born in a Day, Isaiah 66:1-13 214
All Mankind … Will Bow Down, Isaiah 66:14-24 216


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