Scripture Reference: Ecclesiastes

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Image of the cover of Ecclesiastes: Life in a Fallen World by Benjamin Shaw


Life in a Fallen World

by Benjamin Shaw

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Book Description What can we expect from life in a fallen world? How are we to live as redeemed people in such a world? In 22 concise chapters, Benjamin Shaw shows that the answers to these questions are to be found in the message of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. Whereas some commentators have […]

The Pundit’s Folly

Chronicles of an Empty Life

by Sinclair B. Ferguson

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A tool for evangelism and an encouragement to Christians to witness to Christ and live unreservedly for him. 96pp.

Book Cover For 'Ecclesiastes'
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Shows that this neglected book of Scripture is relevant for today and designed to bring men to complete consecration to God. 352pp.

Cover image for 'Both Sides Now' by Peter Barnes

Both Sides Now

Ecclesiastes and the Human Condition

by Peter Barnes

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An evangelistic book based upon Ecclesiastes, for those seeking God, meaning and fulfilment in an apparently futile world. 112pp.

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