Majesty in Misery

Volume 1: Dark Gethsemane

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Jesus Christ



Original Pub Date

1899 (actually 2005)

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Sep 1, 2005



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New Testament



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In this first volume of the three volume set of Spurgeon’s sermons on the passion and death of our Lord, Spurgeon takes the reader to Gethsemane, to remind us of the matchless love of Jesus…

‘…That for your sakes and mine he would not merely suffer in body, but consented to bear the horror of being accounted a sinner, and coming under the wrath of God because of our sins: though it cost him suffering unto death and sore amazement… Can we not cheerfully endure persecution for his sake? Can we not labour earnestly for him? I charge you by Gethsemane, my brethren, if you have a part and lot in the passion of your Saviour, love him much who loved you so immeasurably, and spend and be spent for him.’ — C.H. SPURGEON

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1 The Crisis of This World (John 12: 31-33) 1
2 Love Stronger than Death (John 13:1) 14
3 'After Two Days Is The Passover' (Matt. 26:2) 27
4 The Blood Shed for Many (Matt. 26:28) 42
5 Sorrow at the Cross Turned into Joy (John 16:20-22) 59
6 Alone, yet Not Alone (John 16:31-32) 76
7 Christ's Pastoral Prayer for His People (John 17:9-10) 89
8 The Garden of the Soul (Matt. 26:36) 103
9 Jesus in Gethsemane (John 18:1-2) 120
10 The Weakened Christ Strengthened (Luke 22:43) 134
11 Gethsemane (Luke 22:44) 146
12 The Agony in Gethsemane (Luke 22:44) 163
13 'I Will', yet 'Not as I Will' (John 17:24; Matt. 26:39) 180
14 Christian Resignation (Matt. 26:39) 193
15 Christ's Care of His Disciples (John 18:8) 208
16 The Living Care of the Dying Christ (John 18:8-9) 218
17 The Captive Saviour Freeing His People (John 18:8-9) 231
18 The Betrayal (Luke 22:47-48) 247
19 Jesus Declining the Legions (Matt. 26:53-54) 263

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  1. mhannegan92

    Spurgeon along with many others of the past I’ve always mentioned them as laborers or workers. This is the first volume I’ve read and will get to the other two eventually.. he (Spurgeon) really has given me a new perspective on our Lord’s road to the cross. Starting with Gethsemane, chapter 18 titled, “the betrayal” this particular statement in the sermon really hit me, especially after a year and half after being installed in the church to which I belong as a deacon. Spurgeon says, “understand, my brethren, that no gifts can ensure grace, and that no position of honour or usefulness in the church will necessarily prove our being true to our Lord and Master. Doubtless there are bishops in hell, and crowds of those who once occupied the pulpit are now in condemned for ever to bewail their hypocrisy. You that are church-officers, do not conclude that because you enjoy the confidence of the church, that therefore of an absolute certainty the grace of God is in you. Perhaps it is the most dangerous of all positions for a man to become well known in the religious world, and yet to be rotten at the core. To be where others can observe our faults is a healthy thing though painful; but to live with beloved friends who would not believe it possible for us to do wrong, and who if they saw us err would make excuses for us-this is to be where it is next to impossible for us ever to be aroused if our hearts be not right with God. To have a fair reputation and a false heart is to stand upon the brink of hell”.

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