Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty

As Disciple, Preacher, Pastor

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Bible Characters, Biblical Studies, Church Leadership, Preaching & Teaching, Pastoral Theology/Pastoral Helps

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Jun 1, 1998

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New Testament




Ted Donnelly’s handling of biblical teaching is always marked by faithfulness, insight, wisdom and warmth. All of these qualities abound in this splendid exposition of Simon Peter’s life and ministry. It provides the rare combination of helpful, and at times, searching, instruction with the genuine Christian pleasure of discovering more about the grace of Jesus Christ.’ — SINCLAIR B. FERGUSON

‘In his consideration of Peter the Disciple, Ted Donnelly helps us to see the omnipotent and manifold grace of God at work, fashioning the rough-hewn Galilean fisherman into a polished instrument in the hands of the Master. In the contemplation of Peter the Preacher we are helped to see those principles which validate and illustrate the centrality of preaching in the purpose of God, and to consider the kind of preaching owned of God to the accomplishment of his saving purposes. Finally, in the examination of the biblical witness to Peter the Pastor we are led to consider what is involved in being a shepherd after God’s own heart.’ — ALBERT N. MARTIN

Book Description

Pastoral care

The Apostle Peter was a major New Testament personality—a vivid, complex and well-rounded character. His leadership was decisive in the history of the church, and his teaching remains profound and compellingly up-to-date. So why is it that he has been undervalued by evangelicals for so long?

Christians, and Christian leaders in particular, can learn much from this man. Ted Donnelly’s portrait of the Apostle Peter lets us see him from three distinct angles. Firstly we see him discovering what it means to follow Jesus as a disciple. Then we see him as a powerful preacher, from whom we can learn important lessons about communicating the gospel to others. Lastly, we view him as a faithful pastor and observe what it is to be a true shepherd of the people of God.

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Acknowledgements ix
1 Introducing Peter 1
Peter the Disciple
2 A Disciple like Ourselves 7
3 Becoming a Disciple 11
4 Continuing as a Disciple 23
5 Chosen and Kept as a Disciple 37
Peter the Preacher
6 A Master-Preacher 51
7 Relevant Preaching 55
8 Christ-centred Preaching 67
9 Bold Preaching 81
10 Preaching the Demands of Grace 91
11 Spirit-filled Preaching 99
Peter the Pastor
12 A Pastors’ Pastor 107
13 The Pastor’s Identity 113
14 The Pastor’s Duty 123
15 The Pastor’s Heart 135
16 The Pastor’s Reward 147
Epilogue 155
Are Peter’s Own Words Recorded in His Sermons? 157



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