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This French theologian and Genevan pastor is one of the most preeminent of all the 16th-century Christian reformers. After learning about Martin Luther’s teachings, Calvin passionately embraced Reformation beliefs, sharing his conversion story in his Commentary on the Psalms. Writing this book of Psalms commentary put Calvin at great risk, given that many of his fellow believers were being martyred at the stake for their beliefs. He was not daunted, however, and another of the John Calvin books is now known as Protestantism’s magnum opus: The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Additional books of note include A Guide to Christian Living, which offers clear direction to believers, and encouragement to everyone wanting to live according to the Gospel; and Truth for All Time, this book written to show French monarchs the beliefs of Protestants in the country.

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Sermons On 2 Samuel

Chapters 1-13

by John Calvin

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The first English translation (by Professor Douglas Kelly) of his sermons on 2 Samuel, shows Calvin’s deep insight into human character. 696pp.

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