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Born in 1898, Bethan (née Phillips) Lloyd-Jones married Dr. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones on January 8, 1927 in Charing Cross Chapel in London. For the next 11 years, her husband ministered at the Bethlehem Forward Movement Church, located in Aberavon, South Wales, a place nicknamed “Sandfields.” Bethan Lloyd-Jones was a doctor and her learned husband used to tell people that she was the better teacher of the couple. The duo had two daughters, Elizabeth and Ann, and Mrs. Lloyd-Jones ultimately decided to write a book to share her memories of that time in their lives. This Bethan Lloyd-Jones book is titled Memories of Sandfields, where she shares vivid sketches of experiences had by the spiritual family of this church. This includes people who converted and gave their life to Christ, including Mark McCann and Staffordshire Bill. Her stories and the way she tells them are described as delightful.

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Vivid sketches of some of the converts and of the life of the spiritual family which Bethlehem Forward Movement Church (‘Sandfields’), Aberavon, became during the early ministry of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones. 122pp.

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