Love Rules

The Ten Commandments for the 21st Century

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Jun 1, 2007


The Law


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‘The idea of ‘love’ and ‘rules’ being put side-by-side may seem strange in an age in which ‘Just do it!’ is the order of the day. But this fresh look at the Ten Commandments shows that it is only when we see God’s rules in light of his love that we can really make sense of how his laws are meant to function. The very fact the Bible itself sums up God’s Laws with, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind, and your neighbour as yourself’, says it all. Our generation as grown up with a deep-seated suspicion of rules because of the myth that rules are the enemy of love. Here’s a book that shows nothing could be further from the truth.’ — MARK JOHNSTON

‘I have often consulted Love Rules, a book which examines the Ten Commandments and their relevance for the church and the world today. It is an essential book on contemporary ethics, very useful not just for those about to preach a series on the whole Ten Commandments but in the ethical sections of the Sermon on the Mount or the closing chapters of Paul’s epistles opening up the morality that God requires and blesses in disciples of the Lord Jesus.’ — GEOFF THOMAS

Book Description

Q. Why write a book on the law?
A. Because of the gospel.

When Jesus began his ministry the first sermon he preached issued the following command: ‘Repent and believe in the gospel’. But of what were people to repent? Is there a clear moral standard in the Bible that reveals the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, and the purity of new life in Christ? Yes, there is.

The place of the moral law in relation to the gospel has become on of the most controversial issues for the evangelical church today. The end result is that less than 1% of church members can list the ten commandments. It is sadly true that some preach the law without the gospel. Some preach neither the law nor the gospel. However, no matter how hard one tries, one cannot genuinely preach the gospel without the law.

It is hoped that this small volume may be used to God in awakening zeal for his glory, encouraging faithful preaching, promoting wise living, and initiating true revival.

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List of Contributors vii
Publisher’s Note ix
Introduction 1
1 Do We Need the Ten Commandments in the 21st Century Church and World? 5
2 The Relationship between Law and Love 11
3 The Introduction to the Ten Commandments 18
4 The First Commandment 25
5 The Second Commandment 31
6 The Third Commandment 38
7 The Fourth Commandment 44
8 The Fifth Commandment 52
9 The Sixth Commandment 60
10 The Seventh Commandment 67
11 The Eighth Commandment 74
12 The Ninth Commandment 81
13 The Tenth Commandment 88
14 The Ten Commandments in the Flow of Redemptive History 95
15 The Moral Law and Jesus’ Teaching 101
Old Testament Scripture References 109
New Testament Scripture References 111
Further Reading 112
Study Guide 113



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