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The Bible Mini-Guide by Derek Thomas

The Bible

God’s Inerrant Word

by Derek Thomas

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Book Description This mini-guide to the Bible provides an entry point for those who know little about the ‘Book of books’; but it does so in a way that encourages those who know it better to explore it more fully. Banner Mini-Guides Banner Mini-Guides introduce the reader to some of the major themes and issues […]

Book Cover For 'De Piedra En Piedra'
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Book Description El conocimiento de la enseñanza del Nuevo Testamento es una parte vital del crecimiento espiritual. Sin embargo, la tarea de familiarizarse con sus 27 libros y sus 260 capítulos puede parecer algo inabordable, sobre todo cuando se trata de un nuevo creyente o de un joven cristiano. ¿Dónde podemos encontrar ayuda para empezar? […]

Book cover 'One Lord, One Plan, One People'

One Lord, One Plan, One People

A Journey Through The Bible From Genesis To Revelation

by Rodger Crooks

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A journey through the Bible, pointing out the main features of each book and focusing on Jesus, the one Lord who is the terminal point of God’s promises. 480pp.

New Testament Introduction

New Testament Introduction

An Introduction to its Literature and History

by J. Gresham Machen

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Brings the history and literature of the New Testament alive today in a fascinating way. 392pp.

Gateway To The Old Testament
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An introduction to the literature and message of the Old Testament. 320pp.

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