Banner Gift Cards

We offer two gift card options: Gift Card by Mail and the Digital Gift Card.

The Gift Card by Mail is the perfect gift for the Banner book lover who you want to bless with books, but you aren’t sure what they would like. When you order this physical gift card, we will mail the card to your address, or to the address of the recipient of the gift. You can make this decision at check-out. Purchasers of the Gift Card by Mail will also receive the gift card code by email.

The Digital Gift Card is the same as above, but we won’t mail a physical card to anyone. This is the simplest way to get someone a gift card, and send the code to them by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Banner Gift Cards Expire? Banner Gift Cards expire 5 years after the date of purchase. After this, any remaining balance is cancelled.

2. Is there an administrative fee? No. We do not charge any sort of recurring fee to the card to try to reduce its balance. We want you to get the total value of the card!

3. Can I use Gift Cards on everything at Yes. It works the same as store credit – use it for whatever you like. This includes books that are on sale. One exception is a recurring subscription. You can’t use gift cards to sign up for a recurring subscription to the Banner Magazine.

4. How do I send a gift card to a friend? It’s pretty simple. After you add your gift card to your cart, proceed to the checkout page. At the checkout page you’ll be asked if you want to have the gift card sent to you, or to a friend. Chose “Gift to someone else” and you’ll be prompted to enter the gift recipient’s email address. You’ll also have the opportunity to write a custom message that will be sent on the email to the recipient. If you’re sending a Physical Gift Card and you’d like the card to be mailed to the recipient, then put their address information in the Shipping Address section of the checkout page.

5. Why is my Gift Card not working? It’s possible that your gift card has an email restriction on it, meaning that only the person who purchased it can use it. If you can’t get your gift card to work please call us at +44 (0) 131 337 7310 or email us at and we’ll be sure to resolve your problem quickly.

6. Can I use more than one gift card? Yes. Go for it.

7. How do I check my balance? In order to be able to check your gift card balance, you need to have an account set up at As long as you purchased your gift card while you were logged in, or received a gift card from someone else who used your account email when they purchased the gift card, you will be able to check your remaining balance in your “My Account” page. If you received your gift card as a gift and can’t find your balance please call us at+44 (0) 131 337 7310 or email us at