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Original Publishing Date

  1. 1500s
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  19. 2019
  20. May 24, 2019

The Original Publishing Date navigation tool is a new way to explore the 700+ titles that the Banner of Truth currently has in print, giving readers the ability to navigate Banner titles based on when they first 'came on the scene' in Christian publishing.

One should note that this timeline is not an exact science. Some of the original publishing dates for older works are hard to pin down, and some books were published hundreds of years after they were originally written. In these cases we have followed the principle of 'when did this piece of literature first become of use to Christ's Church'. If for example, a collection of sermons from the Reformation Era was not actually published until the 19th Century, the date that the sermons were written was used as the original publishing date. This is because the Church was benefiting from these sermons when they were first written and preached, long before the sermons could be called 'published'. Readers will find that examples like this are the exception and for the most part, original publication dates and writing dates match up or differ only by a couple of years.

Our hope is that this tool will give readers a better historical understanding of the books the Banner publishes as they survey the past 500 years of Reformed Christian Literature.