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The books found on this page include shorter meditations on God that are meant to be read daily. Like all Banner of Truth books, they are founded on God’s Word, teach a robust theology, with warm devotional insight. After all, all study of God should lead to the worship of God. Some notable titles on this page include Daily Prayer and Praise by Henry Law, Through the Year with William Still, and the recent devotional God Is Always Better Than We Can Imagine by Iain Wright.

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From Day to Day

Helpful Words for the Christian Life


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*New Release* This warm and encouraging book of daily devotionals, along with Bible verses suitable to each topic, shows forth a pastor’s heart and a disciple’s love of Scripture. One senses, moving through the year, topics and verses that were especially treasured to Robert Macdonald, presented so winsomely that they soon become precious to the […]

cover of refreshment for the soul

Refreshment for the Soul

A Year of Daily Readings from 'The Heavenly Doctor' Richard Sibbes

by David B. MacKinnon, Richard Sibbes

price £17.00
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NEW RELEASE Book Description A pastor of forty years who has throughout his ministry found the Puritans to be a great source of spiritual encouragement, David MacKinnon presents here 366 extracts from the works of the Puritan pastor Richard Sibbes, which may be used each day of the year by readers as an aid to […]

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Book Description How much can we know about God? By definition, the finite mind cannot comprehend the infinite. As soon as we begin to think we have understood something of the love and grace of God we soon learn from Scripture that his love and grace are even greater. The meditations in God is Always […]

cover for voices from the past volume 2

Voices From The Past Volume 2

Puritan Devotional Readings

by Richard Rushing

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Book Description Richard Rushing has compiled a further 365 daily devotional readings to take you through the year with the Puritans. Building on Voices from the Past (volume 1), Voices From the Past 2 is an additional treasury of wisdom from such authors as Stephen Charnock, Thomas Manton, David Clarkson, Thomas Brooks, John Bunyan, and […]

cover image for the Puritans day by day
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Book Description Everyone knows the value and the power of a brief and arresting saying. It is like a light that shines in darkness, or a cup of cold water to a thirsty soul. How often do we leaf through the pages of a book without much interest only to be suddenly gripped by some […]

cover image for 'Jewels from John Newton'

Jewels From John Newton

Daily Readings from the Works of John Newton

by John Newton

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Endorsements ‘Some men are known for the hymns they write. John Newton is one— “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound” being his most famous. And some are known as preachers. John Newton was also one. But a very small number of men are known for the profound wisdom to be found in their personal letters. […]


El valle de la vision

The Valley of Vision

by Arthur Bennett

price £7.00


Book Description La fuerza de carácter puritano y la vida estaba en la oración y la meditación. En esta práctica el espíritu de la oración era considerada como de primera importancia y la mejor forma de oración, porque la oración viviente es la característica de la espiritualidad genuina. Sin embargo, la oración también es vocal […]



A World of Love

by Jonathan Edwards

price £3.25
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Unfolds the nature, expression, effects, and enjoyment of heaven. 120pp.


Jesus Himself

The Story of the Resurrection

by Marcus L. Loane

price £8.00


A moving study of Jesus’ resurrection and the events that followed it, told with a heart-warming freshness and loveliness. 144pp.

price £6.25
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Aptly chosen quotations from the Puritan period. 320pp.


Words Old And New

Gems From the Christian Authorship of All Ages

by Horatius Bonar

price £5.50
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An anthology of quotations from significant figures through the Christian centuries, presented chronologically. 368pp.

price £6.00


A collection of articles which speak to the needs of the times. 256pp.

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