They Shall Be Mine

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Jun 1, 1981

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  • What does Yasu Kyo mean?
  • Why did a monk in Italy need to become a Christian?
  • Do you know where the Balti people live?
  • What connection is there between the voyage of the General Sherman, the murder of one of its passengers called Robert Thomas, and Christianity in Korea?
  • ‘Elize Fletcher was not the prettiest of young girls in the south of Scotland…but she was one of the liveliest’. But who was Eliza Fletcher?
  • Was there really a minister called Aeneas Sage who had a grip like iron?

In They Shall Be Mine, his second book for young people, John Tallach answers all these questions and many more. He tells the stories of men and women from all over the world who proved themselves faithful followers and servants of the lord Jesus Christ. Some, like Maria Dorothea, wife of the Archduke Palatine of Austria- Hungary, moved in the refined circles of the courts of Europe. Others like Phru Chik who ‘had a big head and a bright smile’, were almost ‘always dressed in rags’. But each of them had faith in Christ, and loved him more than anything else in the world.

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Preface v
1 The Sister on the Hill 9
2 Good for Evil 17
3 The Laird of Swordale 20
4 Daniel Rowland 24
5 A Vow Fulfilled 33
6 John Elias 37
7 Henry Venn 46
8 A Dangerous Journey 51
9 Abraham 54
10 Rain from Below 60
11 More About Namakei 66
12 A Lonely Girl 72
13 Star 78
14 The Wanderer 84
15 Kanousky 90
16 Christianity Comes to Korea 97
17 Chao Kichul 101
18 The Girl No One Knew Was There 104
19 Phru Chik 111
20 Franco Maggiotto 114
21 The Baron's Grandson 121

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  1. Eron

    This is a great book to read to children (ages 5+) or for older children to read on their own. The stories are short and engaging usually with a line drawing illustration to go along with each one. It is encouraging to read about missionaries who trusted God and how they proclaimed the gospel.

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