All Loves Excelling

The Saints' Knowledge of Christ's Love

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Spiritual Growth

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Aug 17, 2022

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‘Why then do not Christians devote themselves to this so heavenly, so goodly, so sweet, and so comfortable a thing, that yieldeth such advantage to the soul?’

Book Description

‘Nu hony in a B’ is the way in which John Bunyan rearranged the letters of his name in order to describe the effect of God’s grace in his life. This treatise on Ephesians 3:18-19 was originally entitled The Saint’s Knowledge of Christ’s Love and from some 440 Bible references Bunyan shows how knowing Christ’s love is the message of Scripture and also the essence of heaven, partly possessed and expressed on earth. Those who know it are rich beyond measure and they are the people who ‘sweeten the churches and bring glory to God and to religion.’


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Publishers' Foreword ix
Part One
Ephesians 3:18, 19 in context
The verses - the terms of measurement contained in them - the reason for their use - the fulness implied in them. 3
The Breadth of Christ's Love 8
The Length of Christ's Love 12
The Depth of Christ's Love 15
The Height of Christ's Love 20
Part Two
Praying for an Ability
Needed because of the weakness of grace and human infirmity - also the mysterious nature of God's dealings 31
Praying for an Understanding
A mark of a gospel minister - an indication of the blessings available for the saints 36
Praying for a Knowledge
Of Christ's own love and its unsearchable greatness 46
Part Three
Knowing the Nature of Christ's Love
It is free - divine - heavenly – everlasting 81
Knowing the Degrees of Christ's Love
He became incarnate - stooped lower than the rank of angels - persevering with sinners 88
Knowing the Mystery of Christ's Love
It is best known as something that is beyond being fully known 98
Part Four
See the greatness of God's good will to believers 111
Its message to believers and ways to comply 112
Its message to unbelievers 124
Appendix-The Analysis of the Treatise 125

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  1. Robert Norman

    This is a masterpiece. Knowing of Bunyan more for his spiritual allegories I was delightfully surprised to see how well his pen writes on theological matters. This book is a must read and finds itself somewhere on my favorites.
    This and Glory of Christ by John Owen are by far the most Christ-exalting works aside from Scripture. If you want a technical book, go for Owen, if you want a more practical Puritan work, then this is the one you need.

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