The Glory of Christ

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Jun 1, 1994


Encouragement, Jesus Christ, Spiritual Growth




Puritan Paperbacks



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In The Glory of Christ, here abridged and made easy to read, we have the great Puritan pastor and theologian John Owen at his richest and most mature. Here he writes about Jesus Christ, the heart of the gospel. Owen himself tells us that the substance of the work began in his own private meditation and study and only later was shared with his congregation. Here, then, is a master theologian writing about the things, or better, the person, nearest to his heart. The work itself was composed almost at the end of Owen’s life and first published in 1684, the year after his death. Indeed, the material in chapters fifteen to seventeen of this abridgement appeared for the first time in the second edition of 1696, having been found among Owen’s papers only after his death but clearly intended as the closing section of the work.

On the day of Owen’s death (24 August 1683) William Payne, a minister in Saffron Walden who had accepted responsibility for seeing the manuscript of this work through to publication, visited him in Ealing (now part of London) to share the good news that Meditations on the Glory of Christ was now going through the press. Owen’s biographers record his memorable and beautiful reply:

I am glad to hear it; but, O brother Payne! the long-wished-for day is come at last, in which I shall see that glory in another manner than I have ever done, or was capable of doing in this world.

It is clear from these pages that Owen had already seen the glory of Christ from afar and pondered long on its significance. His teaching is well-suited to bring us to share in his longing to know Christ better, to see his glory more clearly and to serve him more faithfully. It is the conviction of the publisher that many readers will discover this book to be one of the hidden treasures of Christian literature and will return to it again and again for instruction and spiritual refreshment.


Table of Contents Expand ↓

Publisher’s Preface v
1 Seeing Christ’s Glory 1
2 Christ’s Glory as God’s Representative 11
3 The Glory of Christ in His Person 28
4 The Glory of Christ’s Humbling Himself 38
5 The Glory of Christ’s Love as Mediator 50
6 The Glory of Christ’s Work as Mediator 57
7 The Glory of Christ’s Exaltation 63
8 The Glory of Christ under the Old Testament 69
9 The Glory of Christ’s Union with the Church 74
10 The Glory of Christ’s Giving Himself to Believers 82
11 The Glory of Christ in Restoring All Things 91
12 The First Difference between Beholding the Glory of Christ by Faith and by Sight 100
13 The Second Difference between Beholding the Glory of Christ by Faith and by Sight 109
14 The Third Difference between Beholding the Glory of Christ by Faith and by Sight 122
15 Exhortation to Unbelievers 127
16 How to Recognize Spiritual Decay in the Soul 141
17 How the Soul may be Recovered from Spiritual Decays 160


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  1. Alfred kibet

    Great book, Christ is the truth

  2. markalanpowell

    Owen points us to the glory of Christ: both the fullness of who He is and also the finality of what He has done to accomplish the salvation of His people. It is as we lose sight of this glory that we are prone to sin, he argues, and the solution is to once again turn our gaze upon Christ. An imminently practical and powerful book. Even in abridged form, Owen’s treasure remains magisterial and profound.

  3. Chad Earwood

    After attending the T4G conference, where I purchased Banner of Truth’s book, ‘You Must Read,’ which this book was commended by Sinclair Ferguson, I also bought this book. I did this because I always wanted to read a book by John Owen but had been a bit intimidated by his reputation as a hard read. Ferguson offered this book as a starting point and I am so glad I took his recommendation. You will find so much in this book to grow your love for Jesus Christ and encourage you in your labors for His kingdom.

  4. Joshua J. Mills

    As I read this book, I was overwhelmed with the glories of our Lord Jesus Christ. If I had to recommend one book on the person and work of Christ, it would be this book. It was through the Puritan Paperback series, that the Lord used to strengthen and enrich my Christian life.

    For further quotes that I found helpful, please see:

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