The Sinfulness Of Sin

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Jan 18, 2022


Man & Sin, Spiritual Growth




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‘Works like Ralph Venning’s The Sinfulness of Sin have steered me into a greater understanding of God, his word, and indeed even my own heart. Few today would dare think so carefully and comprehensively about the Bible’s teaching on the stuff of sin. Fewer still would dare write it. Perhaps even fewer have sat to read Venning’s cogent study. But any who read this book will never think the same way about sin, evil, and God’s grace in Christ Jesus. Thank you, Banner.’ — DAVID GARNER

Book Description

We cannot understand the Christian gospel until we know what sin is. Yet modern secular counsellors urge us to ignore both the word and what it tells us about our rebellion against God and his law. Sadly, the church too often serves as an echo chamber for such cheap and short-sighted wisdom. It’s literature spreads the deceptive message that all is well. But it is only when we begin to see our sinfulness that we are able to discover God’s forgiveness.

Although The Sinfulness of Sin was written three hundred years ago, it remains an oasis of truth in a desert of lies. First published in the aftermath of the Great Plague of London and entitled Sin, The Plague of Plagues, this book gives a crystal-clear explanation of what sin is, why it is so serious, and what we need to do about it. Here is reliable medicine for a fatal epidemic.

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Publishers’ Introduction 13
Sin’s Contrariety to God 29
1. To the nature of God 30
2. To all the names and attributes of God 31
3. To the works of God 32
4. To the law and will of God 33
5. To the image of God 33
6. To the people of God 34
7. To the glory of God 35
8. To the being of God 35
Sin’s Contrariety to Man 37
1. Sin is against man’s present good in this life 38
(1) In a natural sense
(i) It is against man’s well-being in this life 39
(ii) It is against man’s very being 44
(2) In a moral sense
(i) It has degraded man 44
(ii) It has darkened man’s understanding 47
(iii) It has made man a fool 51
a. In relation to his chief and ultimate end 51
b. In relation to the means leading to happiness 54
c. As to the non-improvement or mis-improvement of means 56
Examples of man’s folly 58
(iv) It has made man a beast 61
a. Like a beast 61
b. Like the worst of beasts 63
c. Worse than the beasts 63
(v) It has separated man from God in a moral sense 65
Effects of this separation from God 68
2. Sin is against the good of man in the life to come 69
The damnation of sinners is privative and positive 71
1) Privative damnation 73
a. Sinners will be deprived of all the good things they had in this life 73
b. Of the pleasure they had from them 74
c. All their peace 74
d. Their hopes of Heaven 75
e. All good company 75
f. Heaven 76
g. God himself 76
h. They shall be incapable of any alteration for the better 77
2) Positive damnation 78
The damnation-state of sinners considered under six headings
1. The torment of Hell
a. The place with its names 80
b. The thing itself 82
2. The quantity and the quality of the torments of Hell
a. They will be exceedingly great and terrible 83
b. They will be universal 84
c. They will be without intermission 85
3. The duration of these torments 86
4. The tormentors
a. The Devil 86
b. Conscience 87
c. God 88
5. The aggravations of these torments 89
6. The effects of these torments 90
God himself bears witness against sin
(1) He has forbidden sin and made a law against it 95
(2) He will not allow us to do evil that good may come 96
(3) By threatening man 98
(4) He is angry with the wicked 98
(5) Sin alone made God repent that he had made man 99
(6) By many great and severe judgments 100
1. On sinners 101
2. On his own people 102
3. On his own Son 103
(7) He sent his Son into the world to condemn sin and destroy it 103
1. Christ’s sufferings were for sinners 104
2. They were exceedingly great 105
(a) He suffered all kinds of suffering 106
(b) He suffered from all kinds of persons 108
(c) He had all kinds of aggravating circumstances united in his sufferings 109
3. Their greatness is a full witness against the sinfulness of sin 110
Angels bear witness against sin
(1) Good angels 110
(2) Evil angels 113
The Witness of Men
(1) Good men 117
a. Against other men’s sins 117
b. Against their own sin 119
Objections against the witness of good men answered 122
They abhor sin as sin 123
They still sin 125
But they hate sin nevertheless 126
(2) Wicked men 127
a. They are ashamed of sin before and when they commit it 128
b. They are ashamed after they have committed it 132
(i) They dare not own their sin 132
(ii) They dare not look into their actions 133
(iii) They decry and punish in others sin which they themselves are guilty of 134
(iv) They usually fly to forms of godliness 134
(v) They desire to die the death of the Righteous 135
The most hardened sinners at one time witness against sin 136
The Whole Creation witnesses against sin
(1) As having done it a great deal of wrong 138
(2) With respect to God and man 139
a. The creatures teach man his duty 139
b. They convince men of many sins 140
(3) The creatures are instruments in the hand of God to punish sinners 143
The Law witnesses against Sin
Before it is committed 144
After it is committed 145
1. The law will not pardon the least sin 147
2. It cannot justify any man 148
3. It makes sin abound 148
4. It has become as a schoolmaster 148
5. It silences man from making any complaint 149
6. It leaves a man without hope 150
The Gospel bears witness against Sin 150
The Witness of Sin itself
(1) Sin’s names 156
1. The work of the Devil 156
2. All filthiness of flesh and spirit 161
a. Sin is loathsome 161
b. It is polluting; and infectious 162
(i) In its universality 162
(ii) How suddenly it infects 164
a. How it increases in ourselves 165
b. How it increases in others 166
(iii) Its infection is almost incurable 166
(iv) It lives in its effects when we are dead 167
(2) The arts sin uses to disguise itself 168
Sin is the Worst of Evils
(1) It is worse than any affliction 177
(2) Worse than death 184
(3) Worse than the Devil 186
(4) Worse than Hell 187
(5) In every way the worst of evils 188
Inferences from the Sinfulness of Sin against God
(1) The patience and long-suffering of God with sinners is wonderful 190
(2) The judgments of God are just 193
(3) How precious a mercy is the forgiveness of sin! 195
(4) Sin is not to be committed on any account whatsoever 197
(5) How transcendently and incomparably beautiful a thing is holiness! 200
Inferences from the Contrariety of Sin to the Good of Man
(1) They who seek for any good in sin are miserably mistaken 200
1. There is no profit to man by sin 201
2. There is no honour to be gained by sin 205
3. There is no pleasure to be had from sin 205
(2) Time spent in sin is worse than lost 211
(3) Those who mock at sin are worse than fools and madmen 211
(4) It can never be well with a man while he is in his sins 212
(5) Men should become religious without delay 213
(6) How welcome should the Gospel be! 216
Exhortation and Counsel
(1) Repent 217
(2) Believe the Gospel 220
(3) Sin no more 222
(4) Take heed of living in any sin 223
1. Take heed of sinning in thought 224
(i) Sinful thoughts defile a man 226
(ii) They are an abomination in the sight of God 226
(iii) Thought-sins are root-sins 227
(iv) We must beg pardon for them 228
(v) The Gospel is to bring thoughts to the obedience of Christ 228
(vi) Conversion is in the thoughts of men 229
(vii) God keeps an account of thoughts 230
(i) Humbly make your address to God 231
(ii) Hide the Word of God in your heart 232
(iii) Begin the day with thoughts of God 232
(iv) Chide and check vain thoughts 233
(v) Turn away from beholding vanity 234
(vi) Beware of idleness 234
(vii) Love God and his law much 235
2. A warning against sinful words 236
(i) Sinful words are wholly forbidden 238
(ii) Unless a man take heed to his words his religion is vain 238
(iii) They evidence sinful hearts 239
(iv) They corrupt men and manners 239
(v) The tongue is man’s glory or shame 240
(vi) God will judge us for and by our words 241
(i) Let your words be few 242
(ii) Let us speak as we ought 244
3. Beware of sinning in deed
(i) Take heed of sins of omission 246
(a) Some of the best men have been guilty of this 246
(b) It is a great affliction to good men to be forced to omit duties 247
(c) It is a sin to be willing to omit a duty 247
(d) One omission makes way for another 248
(e) The more knowledge we have of a duty, the worse is the omission of it 250
(f) Sins of omission are bad examples 251
(g) They are sins which God has judged and will judge 251
(ii) Take heed of sins of commission
(a) Of your besetting sin 254
(b) Of sins as relatives 255
(c) Of the sins of the age and place where you live 256
(d) Of the sins that attend your callings 257
(e) Of ‘little’ sins 264
(f) Of secret sins 265
(g) Of the occasions and appearances of sin 266
(h) Of being guilty of other men’s sins 267
(1) In giving occasion for them before 269
(2) As co-helpers of them 274
(3) As accessory after they are committed 276

4 testimonials for The Sinfulness Of Sin

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  1. Seth Meyers

    Works like this are gold hidden in a non-descript paperback binding. I bless the Banner of Truth for giving it to us. What minister talks like this today? Who would direct his congregations’ full attention at a sustained effort in Christian hatred of sin? I counted only 2 pages of 284 that did not use a Scripture reference. His torrent of Bible and logical argumentation were buttressed by metaphors and a few references to classical Greek and Latin literature. And yet he was a learned man who had not forgotten that learning only matters if it helps us love Christ and hate sin. Many PhD’s could learn more from this one volume than their entire degree combined.

  2. David Banks

    Would really recommend this to everyone and anyone. Logical but heartfelt, clear but not trite.Many thanks to Banner of Truth for publishing such an excellent book.

  3. Jack Karpan

    I tend to highlight the important passages in the books I read. Venning’s treatise on sin took me three yellow china markers to complete. It seems that every heading and subheading was simply rife with warnings and advice to help us combat the sin in our lives. I highly recommend this book to all Christians.

  4. Daniel Ochefije Ajeibi

    Hmmm… I bless God that I found this noble book. I almost marked every part of this book. For me, it’s a great treasure. I pray, God will continue to use the banner of truth to preserve many more God honouring and sin exposing books like. Every christian denomination need this book. Yea, every human creature need this treasure of great value. Now, I fear and hate sin the more. Dear Lord, please raise up more men like Ralph Venning and other Puritans all over the world in this our day.

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