With A Mighty Triumph!

Christ's Resurrection and Ours

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Feb 16, 2021

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1 Corinthians




‘Here in this stirring call to “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead”, we find a tonic for the soul.’ — ALISTAIR BEGG

‘The resurrection of Christ is the stupendous miracle that validates the truth of the Bible and Christianity. But it is much more than that. It is the actual beginning of the resurrection “harvest” in which those united to Christ by faith have an assured place—not only in the future at his return in their own bodily resurrection, like his, but also presently as he already shares with them his resurrection life through the presence and work of the Holy Spirit. With a Mighty Triumph explores the rich truths of this resurrection reality in instructive ways that will benefit a wide range of readers.’ — RICHARD B. GAFFIN, JR.

‘In his last letter, Paul charged Timothy to “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead…” (2 Tim 2:8). Believers need to hear again and again the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In these expositions of 1 Corinthians 15, Rhett Dodson does just that for us. With the skill of an expositor and the heart of a pastor, Dodson calls us to think and to live in light of the glorious reality of our Lord’s resurrection. Whether it is in reminding us of the truth of Christ’s resurrection, in helping us to see the meaning of Christ’s resurrection for our Christian lives today, or in pointing us to the glorious hope and future that Christ has won for us by his resurrection, With a Mighty Triumph! refreshes the soul with the balm of matters of “first importance” (1 Cor 15:3).’ — GUY PRENTISS WATERS

‘In this fine, thorough exposition, Dr Rhett Dodson provides a scholarly, yet pastoral guide through a chapter that encapsulates the entire message of the Bible. With skilful clarity, Dodson follows the pristine logic with which the Apostle Paul responds to the challenge of unbelief, and builds his case for the resurrection of Jesus, both as the foundation upon which the credibility of the entire Christian faith rests, and the guarantee of our eternal future. A superbly helpful book.’ — IVER MARTIN

Book Description

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the bedrock of the Christian faith. Without it, the truth claims of Christianity crumble. But not only is the resurrection of Jesus true and historically verifiable, it is also the foundation of the believer’s hope for the future. Those in Christ will be raised from the dead in the new creation. The apostle Paul’s argument in 1 Corinthians 15 for the historical resurrection of Christ and the future resurrection of Christians is one of the most momentous theological treatises in the New Testament.

This series of studies, With A Mighty Triumph!, carefully leads readers through Paul’s discussion and examines its inner logic, theological content, and practical application. While not shying away from the difficult subjects of baptism for the dead and the nature of the resurrection body, its main focus is on the hope Christ’s resurrection offers to all who believe.


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Preface xi
1. Remember the Resurrection 1
2. Imagine There's No Easter 25
3. Christ the Firstfruits 47
4. A Resurrection-Shaped Life 71
5. Sown and Raised: The Resurrection Body 95
6. The Great Transformation 119

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  1. David Nalley

    Rhett Dodson’s book, With a Mighty Triumph, is a gift to the Church. With his theological knowledge, and pastoral heart, he has written a book that accurately explains and applies 1 Corinthians 15 to the life of a believer.

    Throughout the book, Dodson is clear in both his organization and writing style. This helps the reader stay focused on what Paul is teaching in 1 Corinthians 15. However, Dodson does not shy away from the hard verses found in 1 Corinthians 15. He spends time helping the reader understand what Paul is teaching to the church.

    One wonderful aspect of this book is that each chapter is relatively short, and broken down in a sermon-like way. One can tell that Dodson has been gripped by this wonderful chapter in the Bible.

    The purpose of Dodson’s book, is to help believers (and unbelievers): 1. understand the resurrection of Jesus Christ; 2. understand how believers will one day have a resurrected glorified body; 3. understand what implications the resurrection has on our lives as we live in this world.

    Throughout the book, Dodson writes in a way that is both evangelistic towards unbelievers, and encouraging to believers. As a believer, I was constantly encouraged by Dodson’s exhortation to stand firm in the midst of a worldly and sinful culture.

    Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

    “We celebrate Easter because death has died, and we know death has died because Jesus lives!” (15).

    “The confidence that you will live again and live with God forever is anchored entirely in what Christ has accomplished on your behalf.” (57).

    “Death May touch us for a little while, and barring the second coming of Christ, it will touch us all. But when Jesus returns, it will never touch us again.” (68).

    I am thankful for this book, and look forward to recommending it to both believers and non-believers. This book helped to encourage me as I live now, and as I look towards spending eternity with my Savior, in my glorified, resurrected body. Take this book, read it, and be blessed by it.

  2. Tyler Rutherford


    Rhett Dodson’s With A Mighty Triumph is an incredibly clear declaration of the necessity of Christ’s resurrection, which gives us confidence and hope for our own resurrection. I picked up this book expecting to read only a chapter. However, I read the entire piece in one sitting because I was amazed by how beautiful the resurrection of Christ really is.

    Christ’s resurrection can easily feel like a foreign concept. You’ve heard it in your Easter services your entire life and it can become a concept that is, unfortunately, just skimmed over in many churches today. Many times, the implications of Jesus raising from the dead are not dwelled upon as deeply as they should be. However, in With A Mighty Triumph, Dodson exposits the resurrection of Christ in a deep, refreshing, and clear way, entirely from 1 Corinthians chapter 15.

    He makes it abundantly clear that Christ’s resurrection was a tangible event that impacted actual people. It was a real, historical event that would change the history books forever. Dodson explains why the resurrection needed to happen, and why it is important for the Church to understand what Paul was writing in 1 Corinthians 15. Using Paul’s points, he makes a compelling case for the resurrection of Christ and its saving power for our broken world.

    The resurrection of Christ transforms how we worship, our attitudes, evangelism, and the way we live daily life. There is no hope without the resurrection of Christ.

    While much of the book is dedicated to the resurrection of our Lord, Dodson does not neglect the resurrection of the saints. This thoughtful and hopeful work helps equip Believers with excitement as we anticipate Christ’s return and the resurrection of our bodies. I often yearn for the day where I can worship the Savior without the struggle of sin. This book has only made the that desire for holiness even stronger.

    Easy to read and understand, this book is theologically rich but also practically applicable for Christians in every stage of their spiritual growth. Christ’s death and resurrection may have happened 2,000 years ago, but this book makes you feel like you are watching it unfold.

    With A Mighty Triumph is a work I will return to regularly as I strive to know Christ’s unmeasurable love for His people.

  3. Noah Wyatt

    With a Mighty Triumph! Is a fantastic book on 1 Corinthians 15 by Rhett Dodson. This exposition of 1 Cor. 15 is a much needed reminder of the importance of the Resurrection in the Christian life.

    Far too often do we forget or neglect the sacred doctrine of the Resurrection in our life. We must remember, as Rhett Dodson makes clear, that Christ’s Resurrection is our resurrection.

  4. Tyler Ivey

    Every year when Easter rounds the corner, there is a looming buzz of anticipation for the “Ressurection Sunday” service. Many churches make many attempts to set apart that Lord’s Day from other days to spend the entire service reflecting on the bodily resurrection of Jesus.

    This begs the question, “Is our understanding of the resurrection only limited to Christ’s?”.

    Rhett P. Dodson, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Hudson, Ohio, in “With a Mighty Triumph: Christ’s Resurrection and Ours,” sets out to show the reader that the resurrection of Christ gives us hope and joy for our future resurrection. Walking verse-by-verse through 1 Corinthians 15, the theological capstone for the resurrection, he shows that the resurrection is the “very heart of the gospel” (p. 5).

    Each chapter takes a sampling of 5-10 verses and breaks down the soul of Paul’s argument. It reads like reading a transcript of a sermon; this is not a bad thing as this makes it very approachable and easy to take in. It is a small-ish book with 6 chapters in total, and as you begin to really drink in the contents, you are finished. The final chapter makes it all worth it by encouraging the reader to put their hand to the plow, being “heavenly minded” so that we can have “earthly good” (p. 142).

    This book reminds you that the resurrection is our security for today and our hope for tomorrow. Christ’s rising from the dead delivers the death blow to the sting of death, but it also is a promise that one day the saints both buried and alive will be resurrected bodily. What a joyful truth!

    Who is this book for? This book would be wonderful to put into a new Christian’s hands to bolster their understanding of their new faith. It would also be profitable to read a chapter a week leading up to Easter Sunday in family worship. Lastly, I think this could be given to a person who has just lost a loved one who was Christian.

    It is worth mentioning that Dodson began writing this in March on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, the past 12-13 months have been preoccupied with the tyranny of the here and now. Scared of the virus, worried for “at-risk” family, politics, etc. Despite all that, “With a Mighty Triumph” reminds the Christian that our salvation and eternal security are fixed in the Father’s heart.

    “Our new lives in Christ and our coming life in glory will display for all to see the immeasurable riches and the sheer unbounded greatness that stands behind our salvation in the heart of God and the work of the Lord Jesus.” (p. 118)

  5. Courtney Dziadul

    Rhett P. Dodson gives a wonderful defense of the bodily resurrection of Christ in With a Mighty Triumph. He addresses why Christians should care that Christ physically rose from the grave, and the implications that fact has on their lives.

    I had honestly not thought about needing a defense for the bodily resurrection before. It was something I had just assumed and taken for granted. Dodson’s defense reminds us that the physical resurrection gives Christians reason to live for Christ, knowing the hope of what is to come.

    I also do love the quality and style of all Banner of Truth books, and this is certainly no different!

    Highly, highly recommend! This book would make a great read before Easter.

  6. Charles Linehan

    Dr. Dodson precisely and eloquently lays out a series of “mini-sermons” over 1 Corinthians 15. In addressing this fundamental truth of the Christian faith, Dodson explains the meaning behind Christ’s resurrection and gives us confidence as we persevere to the end. Looking at our state, Dodson masterfully shows the readers the true triumph in death! This would be a treasure to include in your upcoming Easter baskets! Soli Deo Gloria⁣

  7. Joe Cristman

    Pastor Dodson has written another incredibly helpful resource for christians today. All of Dodson’s works are biblically saturated, and easily accessible.

    This short book on the doctrine of the resurrection, is an exposition of 1 Corinthians 15. Broken into 6 small, but meaty chapters, the book seeks to both explain, and apply the truths contained in Paul’s pivotal chapter to the Corinthian church. Dodson both is helpful in his careful explanation and tracing of Paul’s logic, and also incredibly pastoral as he applies that truth to the average christian life.

    It is quite shocking, actually, to see so few, excellent books out there on the resurrection. This will be my go to book for my congregants, as it is short enough that anyone can read engage with it, but biblically and theologically rich so as to serve all readers immensely well.

    I cannot recommend this highly enough. Buy it, read it, and share it with a brother or sister you know.

  8. John Sgambato

    Rhett Dodson has taken a passage of Scripture from 1 Corinthians 15, and unpacked it, explained it, and applied it in a way that leaves the reader feeling as if they have been sitting under his preaching. With his new book entitled With A Mighty Triumph he takes the reader into the depth and beauty of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, showing us how this affects the Gospel, and how this guarantees the future resurrection of believers as well. Whether one is a seminary student or a truck driver, key truths are brought to light from Rhett’s new work, in a way that convicts, challenges, and comforts the reader. I heartily recommend this book to all. It is a short, easy read that really packs a punch. After finishing this volume, my longing is greater to be with Christ. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

  9. Rachel

    With A Mighty Triumph: Christ’s Resurrection and Ours by Rhett P. Dodson is a short series of studies on 1 Corinthians 15 broken up into 6 chapters. The resurrection is the most important thing about Christianity, without it there’s no hope. Throughout the book Dodson also stresses steadfastness to the truth, and remaining faithful to the doctrines and practices of historical and biblical Christianity.

    This book is excellent for everyone from new believers and average laymen, to seminary students and pastors. It’s theologically rich, but easy to read and understand. There’s so much gospel hope, and comfort in Christ found within these pages. If you’re looking for a short book to read before Easter, this is a great one!

    Here’s an overview, I’ve left some details out so I don’t spoil the entire book.

    The first chapter titled “Remember the Resurrection” is on Paul’s defense of the resurrection of believers, and how a denial is to deny the resurrection of Jesus. Rhett Dodson goes over what the gospel is. First, by covering he gospel’s three graces (past, present, and future) are covered. Those who have placed their faith in Christ are saved from the penalty of sin (past), those who will be saved from sin (present), and Christians being saved and their sanctification (future). Next is God’s primary message, that Christ died for sin according to the gospel, and after dying on the cross, Jesus was buried, he rose from the dead (his death was successful and he defeated sin and death), and he later appeared to the disciples and many other eyewitnesses. Dodson wraps the chapter up with grace and how it 1) lowers the estimation we have our ourselves and makes us humble, 2) exaltes the transforming power of God in everything we possess and accomplish, and without him we are nothing, 3) energizes the services we give to Christ.

    Chapter two, “Imagine there’s no Easter” is on how Paul said the resurrection is an essential part of the gospel and keeps with Scripture, and the importance of eye witness accounts. Without the resurrection, our preaching and faith is all in vain, and a lie that damages the name of God. Without the resurrection, sin has no solution, and we’re lost in sin without the victory of Christ.

    The third chapter, “Christ the Firstfruits” is a chapter on how Christ was the firstfruits, meaning there’s a bountiful harvest to come.

    “A Resurrection Shaped Life” is the title of the fourth chapter. Here, Dodson explains how what we believe should have a sanctifying affect on our lives. A resurrection shaped life has resurrection centered worship (every Sunday is resurrection Sunday, not just Easter Sunday), resurrection risks where the Romans saw Christians as a threat, and resurrection holiness where we stand for the truth.

  10. Angela

    This excellent book, which takes its title from the Easter hymn “Up from the Grave He Arose” is an excellent treatment of the resurrection using 1 Corinthians 15.

    The chapters answer questions like:
    What is the resurrection?
    What if it never happened?
    What does a life guided by the resurrection look like?
    What will happen to me after the resurrection?

    It is both challenging and comforting, and caused me to evaluate my priorities in light of the resurrection.

    This would make an excellent Easter basket gift for the adults in your life. I highly recommend it!

  11. Lisa Thompson

    In Pastor Rhett Dodson’s book, “With A Mighty Triumph “, he beautifully elucidates 1 Corinthians 15 with a great thoroughness, and in a intelligible way for any lay person to understand. In so doing, we are marvelously and brilliantly reminded of the historical and biblical truths of the Lord Jesus Christ death, burial and resurrection. We are exhorted to ponder, and meditate on these truths, not only at Easter, but daily as we walk by faith. You will find, “With A Mighty Triumph!” to be spiritually refreshing, soul-enriching, and joy-producing and a book that you will go back to, time and time again.

  12. Breann Moore

    Once I picked up With A Mighty Triumph, with the intent to read it over 2-3 sessions, I couldn’t put it down. Pastor Rhett Dodson gives a marvelous exposition of 1 Corinthians 15 within 6 hard-hitting chapters. This is a relatively short read that I believe all Christians should acquire and digest.
    Pastor Dodson lays out compelling scriptural evidence for a bodily/physical resurrection all while being practical for our lives today.
    This book was such a joy to read and I have already recommended it to a few of my acquaintances.

  13. Jonathan Cha-Rach

    What a Mighty Triumph! Will be a classic in the years to come. I was excited to dive into this book and see how the Lord would use it to speak and encourage me for my life and ministry. Dodson writes with biblical clarity yet lay person access, he brings elevated theological truths and beliefs to a place where they can breathe and have life in front of others, he shows gospel power in the scriptures and demonstrates how it should shape our churches, lives and gospel witness.

    He goes verse by verse, section by section to tackle and address 1 Corinthians 15 and its contents. He does a fantastic job in terms of historical, theological, biblical, exegetical and hermeneutical bringing the meaning of the text to our modern minds but respecting what was going on in that era and specific geographical location. I see how the gospel answers and pushes back towards all kinds of attacks and accusations on the resurrection and how Paul models to the church how to defend it and protect it with joy and hope.

    For pastors and lay people, for students and church members this is a book that will help and encourage the church for years to come. And I will gladly recommend this book to people and do a Bible study around this in the future lord willing

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